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Oh what a beautiful sunrise, today. Counting my blessings, to have early morning (early morning for me, anyway), coffee and rolls at our newly re-opened and much modified sports centre. No-one here except one or two swimmers. We sit with free wifi, and catch up on e-books, films on Netflix, etc on our iPads. I puff away at my Ventolin as, that early in the morning, the cleaner is still doing her rounds and the whiff of bleach catches me out. These mornings are a memory to hold on to for such time as I can't get along here, any more.

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I know what you mean about building memories...but no beautiful sunrise here...thick fog instead..

I have just been listening to "for the beauty of the earth" on You tube instead.

Enjoy your day.

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Sounds wonderful Minky,enjoy it,live for today,who knows where we will all be tomorrow,lol!

Good to be able to get out,& have free wifi,not forgetting the coffee & rolls .

Have fun,xx


Good for the soul Minky and glad you enjoyed such a lovely start to your day. Wishing you well. xxxxx


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