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Hi I was told by my Gp back in December that I have the start of emphysema. I went because I had a cold I could not shake. I have had no tests done, no xrays and I gave been worrying about it ever since. I do struggle with breathing when I run, but should I be getting further tests done?

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  • I really don't think how you GP can say that you have emphysema without first having an X-ray. You haven't said that he/ she has given you any inhalers. I would go back and ask to have an X-ray and ask what sort of meds you are likely to be taking. Don't worry too much until you have a firm diagnosis.

  • Thank you. It's bizarre isn't it ? I will call my Gp today. Many thanks

  • My initial visit to a doc about my emp involved a stethoscope and a couple of taps on the back.

    He was certain had it and after a follow up MRI scan, he was proved correct.

  • Don't waste time just go straight to your local hospital and tell them you having chest pains. They have to ex ray you and if they find anything they will give you treatment and advice.

    Good luck.

  • That's what I thought! Thanks

  • According to NICE the umbrella that your GP should follow. You need to have a spirometry test and a full blood profile done for diagnosis to be confirmed

  • That's really helpful thankyou

  • Very true Asa. A spirometry test is usually done to comfirm a diagnosis. An x-ray should be done as well but often isn't. This is to to rule out any other causes. x

  • X ray is also part of the diagnostic tools

    To rule out other problem.

    So get back to your GP with this message.

  • Hello there, what an amazing GP to be able to diagnose emphesemia with no diagnostic tools. No, you need to insist on being referred to a chest consultant at a hospital. Even an xray isn't sufficient to make a diagnosis. There are so many different lung conditions. The worst thing is that you have had this word thrown at you with no suggestion of treatment or support. Kick them into touch. Goodluck.

  • GP's still getting away with murder! So inefficient it beggars belief.

  • I think that at the least you should have a spirometry test - it might be a good idea to call the helpline and get advise how exactly what treatment you should be receiving. You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Good Luck TAD xx

  • I think that was wrong of GP to make such a rushed diagnosis ,,,,ask for chest X-ray ,,,,,and what medication you need to be taking ,,,,,,,if any ,?

  • Amongst all other suggestions, you really should consider changing doctors, this one seems daffy; also, you give no mention of how old you might be and of your general lifestyle except mentioning that you 'run'.

    Please realize that as we age things start happening, for better or worse, to our bodies and there's usually no stopping it. At this point, you really shouldn't panic.....



  • Thanks to you all. Great advice.

  • change your doc

  • To diagnose Emphysema you need a spirometry test, blood test and a CT Scan as X-rays do not show Emphysema very well.

    This is what my consultant has said to me... On an x-ray Emphysema is not seen..#

    On my CT scan it is clearly visible...


  • I'm very surprised your GP has made this diagnosis without having sent you for an x-ray or C.T scan its a bit irresponsible of him.I would insist on being sent for the proper tests.

  • Am going for an xray today. Then have to wait 10 days for results. we shall see. Cheers guys i really appreciate your help.😊

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