What a day

Hi all ,I told you I'd let you know how I got in at the hospital today for my lung function tests ,,,,,and wow,,,,after a rotten couple of weeks ( due to leek and damage to carpet and walls etc ) I was dreading having the tests today as I'd been so stressed ,,,,,

So ,,, I had tests ,,,and the consultant was baffled and amazed ,,,,my lung function test has gone from 63 % to 75% ,,,,,,it hasn't been that good for 10 years ,,, And he couldn't believe it was ALL due to Pulmary rehab ,and follow up gym twice a week ,I first started pr in 2008 ,and after the 8 week course I went into the gym twice a week for about an hour each day ,obviously during the years I've had many many set backs and had to repeat the course several times ,,,and last year health wise was a complete right off ( if you follow me you'll know what I mean ) ,,,,,but each time I go to gym I try to do just one more step etc than previous ,,,,and this has encouraged me to continue to improve .

All in all the consultant was WELL IMPRESED. and said he would be encouraging ALL his patients to do the pr course.,,,,,I walked out of his office ,,,,quite proud of myself and my achievent in helping my self and helping my health to improve .,,,, ,well done me .


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  • Good news. Pleased for you Nanny. cx

  • Hi ,thank you Cofdrop ,hope your doing ok '

  • Well done....cofdrop has just written a post with a link showing the benefits of exercise too.

    It's given me the incentive to start again...

  • Go for it ,,,you won't regret it believe me ,,,,, and the nurses are so kind and understandin and they don't mind all that coughing and spluttering etc ,hahaha,

  • Just watched the videos ,,,,interesting viewing

  • Brilliant !

  • Thankyou ,I'm over the moon ,

  • Well done👏👏

  • Thank you ,

  • That is a good FEV1% increase. Congratulations!

  • Hi ,I'm afraid you've lost me ,,,,,FEV1% increase ,,,,,sorry but I don't know what that means ,

  • The 63% up to 75% = FEV1%. They are the measures of how much air you can force out of your lungs in 1 second.

  • Wow ,,,,,well done me ,,,,thanks for explanation

  • Well done keep up the good work

  • how did the insurance go

  • Well carpet assessor was lovely ,but just said he would make his report to the insurance company ,,,he was shocked at the mess we were left in ,,,,

    I've also made a formal complaint to British gas about the poor workmanship of this employee ,,,,they have sent my complaint to the ombudsman ,,,,, so once again we wait and see ,,,,,,I've had a quote of £680 to plaster and decorate and make do the damage caused not only by the leak ,,,but by the repair man from BG ,,,,,I'll let you know when I hear more ,

    Thanks for taking the time to ask .

  • your welcome good luck

  • Him,thankyou ,

  • That should read ,,,,,,Hi ,,,thankyou .

  • Hi ,thankyou mmzetor ,will do , hope your ok ,

  • Hi ,mmzetor ,,,thankyou ,I will .hope your ok ,

  • Thankyou

  • Well done, Im great believer in exercise for improvement. Im doing 45 mins a day 6 days a week at home with pr twice a week as well. and i LOVE it :)


  • Wow ,that's great how long have you been exercising ? I've been going since 2008 ,,,,,,it's paid off ,,,,you get out what your prepared to put in ,,,,so many do the course ,,,,but go back to their old ways of no exersise,,,,undoing all the good .hope you enjoy it as much as I do ,

  • since being told I have copd June 20 this year. 3 months. Started the following week after soaking up as much information as I could. Just recently saw my nurse after the 3 months and she reckons I will probably go from moderate to mild by the time I see her again.


  • Hi jjude that's great news , you've done really well ,I started 2008 ,I was diagnosed back in 1992 ,,,,,but didn't exercise until I was put intouch with pr nurses ,life savers ,

  • Education is a big part and I think when we learn whats needed it improves our lives in many ways.


  • I totally agree,I'm afraid I buried my head in the sand for a few years after diagnosis ,,,,but after emphysema in 2008 and meeting the pr nurses ,,,,my life changed ,,,,,,,and I took my first step to facing up to my illness and doing something about it ,,,,not just hoping the inhalers would make it hope away ,,,,

  • I love how your Fev1 has risen, Im hoping mine does from 43%. Thats my goal to be over 50% at least.


  • Wow,,,,I think we have to have a goal ,something to aim for ,My aim is to be hear to see our grandaughter grow into a the wonderful person I know she will become ,

    My goals ,,,,that's a little different as it changes with achievements ,,,my goal was to be able walk over the canal bridge that we HAVE to use to leave our house to go anywhere ,,,,haha,,,,silly but I struggled so I went everywhere in the car ,now it can walk over the bridge ,then my goal was to do 1klm on the treadmill ,then in a quicker time ,,etc etc ,I now do three Klm on the treadmill ,3 Klm on the bike ,3klm on the handbike and 1000 meters on the rower,, and every time I try to do it that step further or that 10 seconds faster hahaha,,,,,,it's just something I set for my self. I had a print out of my programme of a couple of times when I had been poorly and just starting all over again ,,,,and some from recent when I'm feeling ok ,,,,the diffence was amazing ,,,,even my daughter was amazed ,,,,good luck with your goals and with all that you do I'm sure it will be soon ,best wishes ,Georgina .

  • Well done Nanny, what a fantastic improvement on your fev. You deserve a big pat on the back for that. How inspiring. xx

  • Thanks Casper ,,,,,hard work ,,,,but the results are great ,

  • Wow that's brilliant Nanny well done. Gives hope to us all. x

  • Thankyou coughalot2. I was rather amazed my self ,

  • Hi nanny what the best way to get into PR ?

    I trekked in Tibet in March 2015 , did lots of training for 3 months before , then got diagnosed with ILD in August after. So I was very fit Before and find it difficult to exercise , I am on steroids and ambulatory oxygen

  • Morning Titchy, I think the only way is to ask your doctor to refer you. I asked my nurse she said she couldn't do it but Dr could. I asked my Dr and was lucky enough to get an assessment within a couple of weeks.


  • Hi there ,first try asking your gp or consultant for a referral. That's how it works here ,or if you've got an asthma/copd nurse st your health centre ask her to refer you ,either way ,,,,,PUSH to get on the programme ,,,,it's the best thing that I've done to help myself ,or if you know someone who already attends a course go there and ask the nurse to get intouch with your GP for a referral ,,,,,,failing all that ,,,,go to leasure centre and ask if they do a programme for copd people ....I hope you manage to get on a course ,

    And many congratulations on your huge achievement Trekking in Tibet ,,, that's a part if the world that's fascinated me from childhood ,so many congratulations ,please let us know how you get on with getting a place on the course.

  • Good to hear such good news, well done to you.

  • Thank you Joyce73.

  • Pulmonery rehab is great and I also have continued to exercise as I can twice a week no matter how tired I am and it does work. I also do chair yoga twice a week and this teally helps the breathing and chest clearance. Really pleased to hear that it has helped you too.

  • Thankyou ,,,,exersise is the answer ,,,,,wish I'd know it back in 1992 ,,,instead my husband used to say ,,,,,leave that ,,,,ill do it ,,,,it will only make you breathless,,,,,,,and so I did very little .

  • Well done Nanny, really pleased for you, now I must get off my butt..... xx

  • Hi sheilab123 ,thankyou ,,,,,,keep moving ,haha

  • Great news Nanny! You must feel so happy and inspired. There have been quite a few inspirational posts lately.

    Megan's fev1 improved also. I haven't

    Read Cofdrop's link yet. I'm very happy for you.😊

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Thankyou rubyred777 ,I'm on a high at the moment ,,,,

  • Well done. Exercise is such a good treatment isn't it.xx

  • Stillstanding63 ,,,,,,it sure is ,,who would think or even imagine all these pensioners venturing into the unknown world of a gym ,,haha ,,,,hadn't been in one since I left school at 15 ,,,, haha

  • Well done Nanny, I hope you inspire more of our friends to keep up the exercise. Marathon next year?. I am 71 yrs young at stage IV emphysema, FEV1 13%, and walk at 5 KPH exercise pays dividends. Breath easy Exercise often. Cheers Dave from the LoS.

  • Hi yorkie7. DEFINATELY all down to exersise,,,,,from 1992 until 2008 ... My husband used to say leave it you'll get breathless ,,,,,so he did most of the garden work and taking care of the heavy cleaning like windows and hoovering ,,,, ( still does really ,,,,I'm to busy at the gym ) haha,at aged 69 ,,,,70 in January ,,,,,,I'm pretty darn pleased with what I've achieved .

    Thank you for taking the time to read my post ,best wishes .

  • Well done, I agree with you. PR and follow up exercise is wonderful.

  • Asa2 thankyou .exersise is the new medication ,

  • Brilliant news. Keep up the good work!

  • Helenlw7 ,,thank you I will ,,,,keep well .

  • FANTASTIC - Congratulations xxx

  • A thankyou 'I appreciate you taking the time to read my post

  • Fantastic news!

  • Suemack ,,,hard work paid off ,,,,,,exersise is almost as good as ,,,,,,,,

    A HUGE BAR OF CHICOLATE ,, ,,,,,almost .

  • Well done and huge congratulations to you Nanny. You obviously put a lot of effort into it now you can reap the rewards xx

  • Thank you you Maccas ,,,,,,,

    effort plus a huge amount of support from pr team and hubby

    ,= improvement ,

  • Fantastic news and a real inspiration! When am feeling low will think of you and keep on with the exercises and goals. Well Done x x x

  • Thankyou ,hard work yes ,and a long journey to get where I am ,but persivereance is paying off ,best wishes,

  • So pleased for you, I start rehab 21 October, 2nd time as missed end of course as I'll. Really looking forward to it but I don't recommend your preparation for the test, you must thrive on stress!!

  • Hi , ,,,,I was just determined to have a good result this time ,good luck at rehab ,I think You'l enjoy it ,

  • Well done Nanny

    Great results. I think a treat is in order !!

    Velvet xx

  • Loving your thinking velvet ,,,,got grandaughter ( Lois ) coming tonight for a sleep over so the maltesers are in the fridge ready for movie night ,

  • Fantastic news! 😁 you have done yourself proud!!! Stay well and have fun with Lois tonight! 🌟🌟🌟 huff xxx

  • Thankyou ,,,,,we will have a great night ,it's the little things in life that make it worth while ,,,,,like sharing a box of maltesers with Lois ,,,,happy days

  • Well done Nanny1086! You are a star! xxxxx

  • Hi ,thankyou very much ,,,not so sure about being a star ,,,,,maybe one that's not quite as sparkly as all the Others,,,haha,

  • How encouraging. Thank you for sharing!

  • Oh well done you my friend! you should consider setting up a maintenance group in your area as you know that after rehab their is no wherelse else to go ! so many people benefit from this and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere with people who understand their problem is a great bonus .

  • Hi ,and thankyou ....our PR COURSES are held at our local gym ,most of the exersises they do in the class don't need much equipment ,they do have a bike and a rower and step , but that's it ,no treadmill etc ,but they manage and improvise very well with small weights and balls and stretch straps etc and only allow 12 in a group so they all get attention,there's always 2 nurses or physio's there,other than that it's ,the walk ,sit to stand ,wall exersises etc etc ,as you will know if you've done the course, but every now and then a member of the gym staff comes in to see if any one wants to do a follow up course in the BIG gym ( that's what I call it ,,,,it's where dedicated fitness people go ) haha,,,,they show you round and how to use the equipment ,,,,the big gym is in the room ops site to where PR CLASS IS ,so if needed the nurses are only a few steps away ,but the gym trainers have been told the signs to look out for in the copd people,and always have oxymeters and blood pressure monitors that they randomly put on us to make sure we are ok ,and if in doubt they call in the nurse,,,,,,a couple of years ago I had over done it ,,,pushing myself to do more ,,,,and I had pains in my chest ,,and went a grey colour and my right arm felt heavy ,,,,,the trainer sent for an ambulance and called in the nurse ,,,,and within the hour I was in hospital 22 miles away ,as they thought it could be a heart attack ,,,,,,,it was ,,,,,a slight heart attack ,,,,but could have been a lot worse if they/ I had ignored the signs ,,,,,,,I was ok and back home 5 days later,,,,,,,and after a few weeks adjusting to new medication for high blood pressure I was back in PR for 8 weeks ,,then into the Big gym,,haha,

    Sorry I've gone on a lot ,,,,,I didn't mean to ramble ,,,,,but in answer to your question ,,,,,the leasure centre ( where PR classes are ) do follow up classes called O2. Where we can use any of the equipment after instruction ,that's where I was when I had my heart scare, and that's the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    maintenance follow up keep it up group .and there's quite a few of us .

    ( not everyone follows up ) .thankyou for your comments ,and apologies for rambling on .

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