V-Kit Hardy-Zuckerman 4 Feline Sarcoma Viral Oncogene Homolog

My Son had his Kit Gene test back which may answer the family health and leukaemia coincidence. It shows that he has the kit gene which make a bone marrow transplant more likely now so they are now looking to see if his brother is a match ( 25% chance )

What we do not know is who of us has the gene or if we both do? I have done a little bit of research and it does explain the sudden changes in my lung conditions from being clear to pneumonia and also the heart failure conditions? Probably get my GP denying it completely even though they may not of heard of the KIT Gene.

My wife's side have also shown evidence of the gene from a non lethal skin condition they have all shown on the female side?

The Header is the full name of the Gene.

Be Well

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  • fingers crossed that that they do match , good luck take care

  • Thanks, we have everything crossed believe me.

  • Genetics is the way forward its amazing what theyre doing. Im pleased this discovery makes the bone marrow transplant more likely for your son. Robin

  • If he did not have the gene it was more likely that he could of just had the chemo and better percentage of remission. It has now made it 25% less likely?

    But he is staying strong which can only be good.

  • Sorry offcut I read your post wrongly. I really hope your other son will be a good match. Thank god he is staying strong. This genetics stuff is fascinating but I wish this wasnt happening to you. Robin

  • I do so hope your son's brother is a match Offcut. Worrying time for all your family. Wishing your Son the very best.

    Love cx

  • They are having a discussion as to the suitability today so may know more soon

  • Fascinating stuff Offcut and I really wish your son well in his treatment. xxx

  • Thank you

  • I really hope his brother is a match for him Offcut. xx

  • We all have our fingers crossed?

  • hi offcut, I feel for u and ur sons, hated it when my daughter had her bone marrow taken, as a parent its heart wrenching, I'm trying to stay strong for her ( she's only 16, although no age deserves this illness ) but it's so difficult with our own health to deal with too, anyway thinking of u all. ❤️ xx Sonia xx

  • They are always your babies no matter what age they are.

    Be Well

  • Hi offcuts glad the getting to bottom of things .. Most doc will not diagnose CLL if it's not active .. Ya right about doctors THEY would have none about abnormal blood am sure

    With my own issues I have had trouble to researching esp when txt books refer to us as animals

    I would defo research more as there is lots off promising developments treatment options

    Hope you been looking on CLL site on HealthUnlocked are well informed helpfull

  • I have found it very hard to find info on the Kits Gene even on genetics sites. This also fits in with why I was tested for Anderson Farby? This was done by my heart consultants intervention!

  • Hope a match is found for your son - please keep us updated. All best wishes x

  • Will do

  • Hi Offcut great to see you hope your son is well and his brother is a match for him take care

  • Thanks

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