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Here I Am...Back Again!

Oooo...you are all so good and kind to be fretting about me...but no need to panic, I haven't slipped off this mortal coil...just couldn't think of anything to write about actually and I know not everyone is as enamoured as me about poking about in Ancestry...always write about some poor child scaring Crows when he was only eight when I can't think of a topic.

Anyway we had a bit of unwelcome excitement last night when Molly escaped and legged it up the road towards Hubert and Marie's...pitch dark of course and it was raining. It was Himself's fault naturally...he'd let Bobby out of the front door for a pee and didn't close the door behind him...

Murphy went out as well, but he stayed close to the door...he'd found a big moth he was busy tormenting...too enthralled by the moth to follow Molly, thank goodness.

So Himself found the torch...something of a miracle in itself...and off he went in hot pursuit. You have to remember the poor old chap is a bit ancient and he was all ready for bed...teeth out...slippers on.

Sheer luck that Hubert's dogs began barking when Himself was calling the naughty girl...they must have frightened her enough for her to turn tail and come racing back to safety...

Molly is such a total sweetheart...mad of course...quite mad in the mornings when she races round the cottage at a hundred miles an hour with Murphy lying in wait to leap on her as she goes past in a blur...they sleep all day and then repeat the mornings late in the evening...sliding across the floor and ending up in a heap together...chasing Crane flies and batting their toy mice about...the mice have long lost their sparkly bits and most have also lost their tails. But their favourite toys of all are scrunched up balls of kitchen foil...

Himself is trying to teach them to bring the balls back to him...he saw a cat on FaceAche that could do that...he's not having much luck so far.

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Glad you Are back. All my cats have now gone to puddy tat heaven but the thing I hated was them sitting with crane fly legs dangling out of their mouths and beatific smilex on their faces.

Vashti!!! We have been so worried about you, don't you dare go AWOL again xx

Can't cope without your tales from the Emerald Isle. I even forgive you for not having an Irish accent.

Love K xx

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I hope Himself had his PJs on when he went cat chasing in the rain?

It's good to see you back posting again...I hope you enjoyed the rest.

Welcome back, as you can tell there was a fluttering in the rafters as we all panicked that one of our flock had gone missing. Back to normality with the crazy cats. And yes, we need our daily dose of Ancestry! xx

Your description of Molly and Murphy hurtling about the place brought back memories of two cats that I had several years ago. They used to behave in exactly the same way, tearing around as if demons were after them. They were just six weeks old when we had them, Zak was 18 when he had kidney disease and Poppy had it just a year later. I don't usually have a favourite pet but there was just something about Zak....... And who cares what's on the telly when you've got a couple of lively lovely cats to watch.


glad you are alright

Phew. Glad your alright


Ahhhh great to have you back,what a relief that Molly turned back to the cottage,neither of you would have gotten any sleep if she had been out in the rain all night,and of course it is all strange to her,so pleased she got back safely.

So glad your back missed your daily tales of life in the emerald isle. You do so make me laugh + glad you + himself are fine x

So pleased to have you back, we were all getting worried! Would love to see Himself trying to teach the kittens to bring back their toys. Reckon it could be almost impossible! Xx

Hi, Vashti - yes, you were missed ++ I took the viewpoint that you were having chill out time for yourself but a big welcome back.

What a relief to see you posting again! So pleased all is well with you. Jan x

Feckin hard to believe Vashti...you of all people, couldn't think of anything to write about !!

You must...do you hear...you must.

I, like lots on here, look forward to your posts, no matter what subject you choose.

Keep them coming.

Velvet xx

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Ahh so good to see you! 😁🙋💗😘 x

Please try to pop in Vashti, if only to say what the weather is doing xxx

Vashti , you make my day , you really do. I get so much pleasure in reading your posts even if there about you daily adventures. Take care Neo.

Hi vashti lovely story as usual. I had a female cat years ago and she loved chasing scrunched up bits of paper. Sometimes she even brought them back! Ah memories x

My latest feline master Tinker still does. Husband Alan loves playing a sort of tennis with him too.

Welcome home ♥♥♥

As the song says "If you go away, they might as well take the sun away!" You brighten our days Vashti and you have been missed. XX

Welcome back, Vashti. May you have as many comebacks as Frank Sinatra !


We miss your posts Vashti - usually my giggle of the day before getting down to the "usual chores". One of my cats, Sweep, now departed, used to retrieve a newspaper ball across 2 back-gardens when we lived in a terrace - no-one taught him, he just did it, half siamese so quite barmy.

I love reading your wonderful tales Vashti whatever you choose to write about. Sometimes I am too busy to reply but I do like to read anyway. The cats running around made me smile, not naughty Molly escaping like that though, and I was reminded of Tessa (now 17) who used to love to play with balls of foil when she was younger. Not quite so bothered now but still runs around like a nut case sometimes. I do wish she would deal with the spiders though!

You take care xxxxxx

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