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Free COPD support and information classes – Portsmouth

Free COPD support and information classes – Portsmouth

Hi Everyone

Do you have COPD and live in Portsmouth?

The British Lung Foundation are running a series of free information and support workshops to help people with COPD. The programme will consist of two three-hour classes held on consecutive weeks in Portsmouth. Classes will run from September 2015 to April 2016.

Come along to our free information classes and find out more about your condition and how you can manage your symptoms. See what local support and services are on offer and talk to a health professional.

The classes aim to give you the tools and skills you need to increase your understanding of COPD in order to reduce the impact of your symptoms.

Anyone in the Portsmouth area who has been diagnosed with COPD is welcome to sign up to attend. To find out more please call the BLF Helpline on 03000 030 555.

Yvonne Neal, who has COPD and attended a BLF COPD workshop in Wessex, said:

“These classes were absolutely brilliant. I learned more at the workshop than I have in the nine years since I was diagnosed. I now have better insight into COPD and am confident in being able to control my condition rather than letting it control me.”

Helen Jefford, specialist physiotherapist in chronic lung disease and BLF professional, said:

“Living with COPD can often be frustrating as being out of breath can limit activities and have an impact on quality of life. The course will help people to gain a better understanding of the condition and allow those diagnosed to remain in control of how their lives are lived alongside a chronic lung disease. We will be a support for anyone living with COPD and their carers and we hope as many people will attend as possible."

Friendly and informal

Run by a health professional

Free refreshments

For more information on the Portsmouth COPD classes, or to sign up, call 03000 030 555.



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How wonderful ! If I lived in Portsmouth, I'd be there in a heartbeat. But I know at least one person on here from the south-west who should be very pleased with this.


I am over the ferry to Portsmouth,but I have been house bound for about 2 yrs,but now I have bought some portable oxygen and my body is so unfit,I am trying to walk abit more,nothing wrong with my legs,it's my breathing.i don't even make breathe easy class as I don't like public swimming pools. I'm too sensitive to bleach ,, not a lot here ,I wish I could get there,I need to meet some one who knows what's going are not much good,no nurses over here.......very bad just to get the basics n meds.thats it,is there any helpers for people that have been diagnosed as severe,they should have a lot more help ,they get forgotten as they are so bad,the mild people get help it is not fare how things are!!!!


I come under this area,what help is there to get there?.? Otherwise the people that should be there cannot access it ,no confidence going


Please can we have one of these classes in Herefordshire.


It would be wonderful if these classes could be rolled out all over the country.


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