Wish me luck

Wish me luck

After a terrible week last week due to a leek in the down sump in the downstairs bathroom ,that backed onto the lounge & hall , we are now waiting for the carpet assessor to come and say yes or no tompaying out on insurance ,

Reasons they may not pay out ,,,,,,we had already ordered the new carpet,,,,,it was only when we took up the old carpet that we saw it was damp ,,,,,over the last few months when our daughter visited she said she noticed a damp smell ,but as we are in the house all the time we never noticed it ,,,,,,,all this has caused me anxiaty and my breathing has come very shallow ,,,,,I don't deal with stress very well ,so fingers crossed that the assessor agrees to pay out on our claim,......then once that's sorted we can arrange for a plasterer to come to replaster the 3 large holes made by the plumber to find the leek ,then it will be getting a decorater to do the hall and bathroom ,,,,,more stress ,,,,,,to make matters worse I am having lung function tests at the hospital and seeing the consultant ,,,,,,I will be soooooo pleased when it's all sorted out ,,,,,so stressful ,below is a photo of just one of the three holes ....

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  • Oh my goodness Nanny,I do feel for you,how ghastly,no wonder you are stressed! Poor girl.

    Surely the insurance will have to pay out,if they refused,I would certainly appeal.

    The best of luck with it,do let us know how you get on.Just think,that one day,you may be able to laugh about it!

    Hugs Wen xxx

  • Hi I hope your right ,,,I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason ,,,just can't get my head round this one yet ,,,,

  • Hi

    Good luck with insurance.

    Remember to mention to the consultant about your living conditions due to the leak, a damp environment would impact on your breathing which may alter the treatment the consultant advices.

    You may be offered a second test.

  • Hi stone ,thanks for your comments .maybe a second test will be needed ,,,I have also made it clear to the insurance the need to have this sorted ASAP due to my health ,,,,,

  • Oh poor you, i hate it when things go wrong at home. It's all so stressful, not just the cost but all the upheaval and the worry of finding reliable people to fix the problem. I hope it all gets sorted out soon with as little bother as possible. Try to stay calm and focus on the end result, the nice new carpet etc.

  • Hi Magpuss ,,,thankyou .trying to remain calm ,,,,not easy ,,,,I've had a quote from a plasterer decorater we used a few years ago ,,,,,to me the quote seems a bit excessive ,,,,,but my son in law says ,,,,,,that's what they do when they know it's insurance paying ,,,,I just hope they accept it as like you say ,,,,,we need someone reliable ,,,,on the up side the carpet assessor came today and I got the impression that should be straight forward ,,,,,fingers crossed once again ,

  • oh no you have been going through it good luck with the insurance and your lung test hope you get it all sorted quickly take care

  • Hi ,thankyou it seems it's my turn for bad luck ,,,,everything crossed insurance pays out ,

  • What a terrible time you are having. Hope that things get sorted for you and that the insurance pays up. You could do without all this stress, take care xx

  • Hi Lyn ,,,,stress is my middle name at the moment ,,,,I think when And if it gets sorted ,,,,I'll sleep for a week ,,,,,

  • Oh dear Nanny, that really is a big hole and just one of three! I hope that things are easily sorted for you so that you keep stress to a minimum. Good luck to you. xxxx

  • Thank you sassy ,,,,carpet assessor came today ,,,I got the impression it will be ok ,,,,,had a quote from plasterer and decorator. ,,,,seems a bit excessive to me but son in law says that's what they do when it's an insurance claim,,,,,,fingers crossed they pay out without any more stress,,,,

  • Keeping everything crossed for you Nanny1086. xxxx

  • Poor Nanny. I really do sympathise. Just try and stay focused on your health. If you had not discovered this source of the problem you could have been breathing these spores for even longer. Gosh it doesn't bear thinking of. I do hope that things resolve soon. Rib

  • Hi Rib ,,,,,,things could be a lot worse I suppose ,,,,,but hard not to focus on the holes etc at the moment ,,trying to stay positive ,,,,

  • Been thinking about you, you were very kind when I posted about my week from hell.got new TV now but still not car or fridge freezer so stuck at home but at least some improvement here. Hope you can say the same in a week or so. Please let us know how things go.

  • Hi ,thank you ,and yes I will keep you up dated ,hope things improve for you .

  • Hope your problems are soon over. Best to keep out of the way when the work starts good luck.

  • Haha ,,,yes indeed ,,,my daughter gas told me to go and stay with them when the work begins ,,,,,hubby can make the tea for the work men ,,,,

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