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GP Incompetence That Nearly Cost You Your Life.

Infection Copd Exacerbation OR EUKRYOTE Virus or Walking Pneumonia

Firstly ad like to thank everybody that replayed sorry could not reply one to one BUT my clown of a gp would not rotate my maintenance antibiotics when I got a infection.

Clearly when you get a infection when on antibiotics that would tell a normal doctor GP that (1) the antibiotics are not working (2) you might need to change them.

But as government as been talking of penalising gp's for prescribing antibiotics MY gp took it literally and tried killing me THATs why I could not reply as in hospital suffering from a very nasty bad Infection Asthma Copd Exacerbation.

That could of so easy been prevented .. am just lucky a guess I had pneumome shot when my first GP nearly killed me with HIS mis DX of my lung condition

Here are some good videos ... don't let your GP Doctor Do to you what they have done to me.

Picture is of VIRUS i talk about here or lung glue .. but ventolin nebulas are now what am on and the say you go on them when ya condition is poorly managed ... fitting :o

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Most GPs do want to be helpful, but they can make mistakes - they are only human. The trouble is, we patients are the ones who must live with the consequences of their mistakes.

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So true BUT we dont have enough lung matrial function to keep waring there sh###

Most cant even be interested reading notes of specialist notes on our conditions

I hope you're on the mend now Daz.

Yep, this trend of gps not prescribing antibiotics willy billy is a good one - but not for the likes of the vulnerable, like us, the elderly and children.

I tried to buy some over the counter in Croatia last week for emergencies. No luck though.

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Hi peeg i wish i was ok sats are droping to 88 all my doc says ring ambulance

I say ring is neck for puting me threw this again.

Government want to stop food industry using antibiotics there bigest offenders by far

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You're right there. Milk & meat full of antibiotics & growth hormones.

Don't get me started on Monsanto & GM seeds. Bastards

I feel for you, I'm not well at the minute and can barely cope with day to day living let alone incompetent doctors or what you have to go through with yours. I know I've had a fairly lucky escape but I would not have had to ever find BLF or be where I am now if it weren't for GPs not noticing (or bothering) over 4 years. I'd probably still be 100% functioning in every way, working full time & paying taxes.

All the best & hope you beat this one soon xxxx

Hi, thanks for the post, good information as usual. Sorry your GP is a cousin to mine, lol. Keep fighting. xx

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Hi Toci Cheers as been horrendous .. Not quite finished with him yet IF as caused lasting damage am going to see solicitor

Is a disgrace my lung doc as wrote to my gp's about four times re state of my lungs and damage infections do

Cheers thanks for msg

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It is disgraceful that some of us have to fight our GPs as well as our illness. I do feel for you. xx

Hi Daz, sorry you ended up in hospital and hope that things have improved somewhat for you. Pete has Azith and then Doxy when they don't work as well. It is good to have time off one and then onto another sometimes I think. Pete also has Cipro for when he has a chest infection. Ventolin has been a life saver for him and he takes 5ml via nebuliser twice a day. Luckily, Pete's problems seem to be managed well by our GP and various hospital doctors.

Wishing you well as always. xxxx

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Hi sassy59 defo floored me to .. Hope you and Pete are doing ok :)

My doc gp as not heard of rotating antibiotics defo is a clown I will be pointing out to him

Just got to watch my stress level tho as that can be as bad for breathing as infections

Cheers thanks

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You take care Daz and try and get your GP to listen to you as you know what is happening to your body. Take care and be calm. xxxx

Hi Denis,good to hear from you again though bad circumstances.Well done for side stepping the grim reaper yet again.I,m lucky with my doctors most of the time.Have they not tried you on Azithromycin yet?Could be the answer,I,ve not had any infection since being on it about nine months now.Best of luck mate,D.

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Hi FarmerD nice to see you to :)

Yer i hope i have but sats still unstable .. Real willies stuff

As been mad I was on Azithromycin and i would say my lungs stayed same BUT was tubes blocked

Did read Azithromycin deposits bits to stop ya geting colonisedd and i would say the work BUT i could not toarate them if only can find stuff to protect broncholes

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