Feeling so Il, mattcass

Since my third Lung Infection in June I am now on level 4 Oxygen 24/7 everyday I seem to get weaker with my walking distances and feeling poorly at the same time which is one of the first signs of an Infection which is constantly on your mind, or is this a sign my Lungs are getting worse day by day, what I need to know is there someone out there with similar health issues as me and had more than one Lung Infection and got by with the same oxygen level as me.

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Sorry to see that you are having problems, Mattcass. It sounds as if you should ask for the long term 3xwkly antibiotics -azithromycin. This med. has been a boon to me but each person is different. You need to talk to your respiratory nurse. Really hope that your health improves soon x

Thank you I have an appointment with my consultant tomorrow, Mattcass

Actually I was going to recommend the same - one of my husbands friends started on this three months ago and swears by it. I also read a article which was investigating why it is so effective apparently it has anti inflammatory properties. Good luck Matt and hope you fee better soon xx

Hello mattcass just too let you know I am thinking of you

Take care


Hi Dorothy nice to hear from you hope you are well.mattcass

Hi Mattcass sorry your having a rough time at the mo. I have certainly had at least 3 infections of late, they take it out of you big time. Can't help re oxy as I'm on 2, but sure someone will be along that can. Take it you have a pulmonary nurse? She's my first port of call when I feel infection coming on, think they know more about our condition than GPs. Keep your chin up xx

Hi Sheila thank you, I have a Pulmonary team who have given me the things to look for but because I had 2 near death experiences last month with Infections its constantly on your mind when you feel the smallest difference.Mattcass

HI Mattcass,

I am really sorry you have had such an awful time of it lately, and with your recent experiences it is no wonder that when you feel any difference you fear the worst. Anybody would feel the same. I can't help you with the oxygen matters as luckily I am not that bad but it sounds as if you might be brewing an infection again, so if you have rescue meds it might be an idea to start them, and as you are seeing your consultant tomorrow he/she can check you out and decide the most appropriate treatment for you.

If you get a lot worse or are worried before then then don't hesitate in phoning for help whether it be 111 or 999, as it isn't worth taking any chances as you have found out.

I hope you feel better soon and things go well tomorrow for you and you get some answers, reassurance and treatment.

Good luck,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

Thanks Huggs, We already had a backup off Bio-tics which I started straight away here's hoping I've caught it in time. Its hard not to think of Infections after what I've been through.Mattcass

That's good you have started antibiotics right away, and the timing ( if this had to happen) couldn't have worked out better for you, with seeing the consultant tomorrow. You have done the right thing in starting straight away so there is nothing more you could have done. Just drink plenty of fluids, take your meds and eat as well as you can, and of course keep nice and warm.

You never know it might be a false alarm, and you are just having an off day, but its wise to take precautions anyway.

Let us know how you get on tomorrow, and the consultant will keep your right.

All the best,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

Sorry to hear you are feeling so rough M. Wishing you the best for tomorrow's consultation and that they can sort it out for you.

love cx

Thank you C. mattcass

Really sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time. Good luck for tomorrow. Take care xx

Thanks Lynn.mattcass

Hi Mattcass, I am currently using 4 or 6 lpm oxygen 24/7, depending on what I am doing. Some days I just want to curl up in bed and stay there. But I don't. I get up. I bumble about. I do what I can and i do what exercises I can manage that day. When I was first diagnosed I was warned that it is easy to 'commit suicide by sofa'. as some do by giving up and not doing anything, so keep on pushing, do as much as you can. I will too and we will go on for some time yet. :)

Hi Toci thank you, Fran says I am far to pushy on keeping on the go so walking from one room to another and struggling for breath took me by surprise so lets hope it's a false alarm.mattcass

You have to get it right. Don't give up moving but don't do too much if you have any infection. Exercise, not torture. :)

Sorry to hear that your having bad time of it take your rescue antibiotics I hope everything turns out fine for you and take care

Thank You Jimmy nice to hear from you and all my other friends on BLF.mattcass

Thinking of you Matt. Wish I could help but I know I can't.

All the best for tomorrow. Peege xx

So sorry to read this. Know how you feel. Had 9 lots of abs in 7 months. Ended up in hospital with pneumonia. When I came out it was weeks before I overcame that dreadful worry of any little change. Was it another infection? Should I start the abs? Hopefully your consultant will be able to give you some answers tomorrow. Good luck and do let us know how you get on.

Hi Matt. I am using 4 litres per min 24/7 and was rushed into hospital with a sudden infection early this month. It will be easy to find in my Profile because the wonderful people of BLF absolutely swamped me with well wishes.

Well Matt I finished all the nebulising (4× daily to start off, antibiotics, iv and then a 2 week oral course, and the steroids, and I am still weak from it all and tire easily but I am still using the 4 lpm of oxygen that I was using before the infection hit out of the blue.

Now if I read your question correctly I think that I have answered every point. If I have missed something then please ask me. If you think that I can help in any further way then please just say.

Kind regards, Rib

HI Matt, really sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly . I can't add to what people have said other than to endorse the Azithromycin ideas. It worked well for me. Hope you pick up soon. Love Margaret x

Hi Matt wishing you all the best and I hope it isn't another infection. Am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Take care of yourself and rest as much as possible. Thinking of you. xx

So sorry your in the wars Matt and good luck for tomorrow, I hope they can get you back on the road to recovery. xx

HI matt,just popping in to say I'm really sorry to hear what a rough time you are having.

Do hope things improve soon,will be thinking of you,

Love to you & Cass,

hugs, Wen xxx

Sorry to hear you are still not well Mattcass, this is just to wish you well and hope some of the replies will be useful every best wish for an improvement x

Hope you got some answers today Matt.nthinking of you. Chris

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