Golden milk. Anti inflammatory, good for respiratory problems etc etc

Afternoon peeps

I'm not good at copying/pasting links even though some of you have tried to teach me :-( . However if you google - mercola golden milk - you'll come across the article I read earlier on. I'm deffo going to give it a try.

And before you suspicious people get on your soap boxes, Mercola isn't selling anything!


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  • I have a good friend who loves the mercola articles so I will have a look. thanks for that. xxxx

  • Sounds yummy. Going to give it a try.

  • Why did you mention that Mercola isn't selling anything? Odd thing to say.

  • There was a guy who used to post links to Mercola commercial sites.

  • Hi Gary, because Mercola has a health newsletter that I find very informative. However some people are against him because he sometimes promotes his own products.

  • Mercola is a snake oil salesman, keen to exploit the vulnerable and gullible souls on here for financial gain.

  • I agree, hes made a pile of money out of selling high-priced supplements to sick people so bear that in mind before taking advice from him. Robin

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