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Hya guys wondering if anyone can help.......

My dad uses a bipap machine at night when he's asleep. When he wakes (mainly early hours) he takes it off and uses the oxygen. Since our check up Thursday when the doctor told him his co2 was high he's been using the machine throughout the day, maybe twice a day for a hour a time. Obviously while using this machine he's not using the oxygen. He's sleeping alot through the day and says using the bipap is making him feel better.

What I was wondering is if it will harm him using it day time expecially as he's not using the oxygen.

Maybe I should ring the nurse tomorrow but can anyone give me relate to this please l&l x

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I no longer use a Bpap (even though I have the mask on in my picture here), and am now using oxygen all the time. As your Dad has been told that he has an issue with high CO2 I really would not second guess the right thing to do. Ring his Respiratory Nurse on Monday. Maybe ring the BLF nurses on 03000 030 555 free and have a chat to them if you cant get through to the nurse first thing, but still your Dad's own Respiratory Nurse needs to be clued up and help make the judgement call.

Regards Rib

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I also use a Bipap machine because of my co2 retention but am also on oxygen. My bipap also has tubing to allow using oxygen when on the bipap. You just switch it over.

Hope this helps.


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I think Rib is right on this one. Best let the professionals who know your dad's issues decide this one. Or the BLF nurses would be able to give you good advice.

You can have oxygen with the bipap so I'm sure they'll do this if it's thought that your dad needs to have oxygen all the time. Sleeping a lot during the day is a symptom of CO2 retention as I'm sure you know, so as his levels drop he should feel less sleepy in the day. I think 2 sessions of one hour during the day is not a lot of extra time on his bipap, especially if you say he wakes in the early hours and takes it off - so overall it's the same as if he's had one long sleep. It could be a good thing that he's adding these extra hours. But again, do check with his nurse.

I'm so glad he says he's feeling better. I hoped that would happen as it made such a difference to me. Jan :-)

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Thanks guys I'll ring first thing tomorrow, I've ordered a finger oxygen thingy so that will help keep an eye on things without having to ring the gp shame we couldn't test his co2 at home :( will he always retain co2 do you think?


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