Struggling with the haze

A health warning was issued here yesterday morning because of the haze covering Malaysia, Singapore and southern Thailand, caused by the burning of fields in Indonesia and Sumatra. Over 400 fires were picked up by satellite yesterday. The old, young and anyone with a respiratory disease warned to stay indoors or wear a mask if you have to go outside. A reading of 120 is classed as dangerous, yesterday in Phuket it was 127. Don't know what the reading is yet today.

Even with all the doors and windows closed it feels like someone is trying to strangle me. Apparently the hospitals are swamped with people having breathing difficulties.

I love my tropical island, but wish i was elsewhere at the moment. Hopefully the wind will pick up and blow it away soon.

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  • Hope the field burning is over very soon, and you get through this without getting any worse, Swerv.

  • Hi Eregendal,

    We have the same every year but in the past it has not bothered me, now with copd and asthma it's very unpleasant. The problem is, no wind, so the haze is not moving.


  • How awful for you! I don't think I could cope with that. Hope you get your wind & your suffocating symptoms go away. Take care

  • Thanks Jessy11, just praying for wind, but nothing yet. Been stuck inside for 2 days now.

  • I couldn't cope with that. Hope it soon clears and you get to feel better. My thoughts are with you. Kind regards, Val.

  • Thanks val


  • Hope it goes away soon,must be awful for you. Take care and be careful xx

  • Hi swerve...I recently invested in a very good air purifier. We went through a full week of dangerous air quality due to fires burning in Washington and BC. I live in a condo in Calgary, AB and you could smell the smoke in our hallways, however, my suite had no smoke or smell due to the air purifier. It is a the best investment for me. I recommend air purifiers for COPD sufferers. Expensive but worth it. Jackie

  • Hi Mooskie, good idea. I will go out today and price one up as the air quality feels no different today.

  • Sound like Hell, literally. I feel suffocated if someone in the next street lights a bonfire!

    Take care


  • Thanks Malinka

    The skies look clearer today and the wind has picked up so hopefully a clear day....until they start burning again.


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