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Hi everyone this is my 1st post on this forum. Iam a 67 yrs old woman diagnosed with COPD ( emphasiema ) heart problems and rheumatoid arthritis. I have smoked since I was 9yrs old (tut tut ) I have tried I think everything there is to try and stop but to no avail. A few months ago my cardiologist told me that I mustn't stop as it would do more harm than good, my rheumatologist told me I have to stop, I just don't know what to do or even how ? If there is someone out there that has any suggestions I would be grateful of any help at all. The nurse that monitors me for my COPD changed my inhalers the last time I saw her and I must say that my breathing is somewhat better.

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  • Welcome to the site Diddydriver. What a tough thing it is to give up smoking. I have never smoked but hubby Pete did so for many years and struggled to give up. I think firstly that it is a good idea if you can give up and there is an awful lot of help out there. There are patches, e-cigs - you name it and of course a good dose of will power. Try and get help from your GP or the NHS quit line and give it your best shot.

    Wishing you well and here's hoping. xxxxx

  • Hi DiddyDriver. I too have COPD & RA. I have smoked for over 30 yrs, and tried everything to stop. I am now trying an e cigarette and love it, 6 weeks so far.

    I am surprised what your COPD Consultant said as my said no matter how late you stop smoking it helps your COPD.

    I hope you find a solution.

    Gentle hugs


  • Not always I don't think Jacqui. When you stop smoking it is common for get more infections as cigarettes partially block bacteria. If your lung function is very low this can be enough to see you off. The lowest lung function you can survive with is 6% and if you are very low and you get more infections you can take yourself over that limit quite easily which will kill you.

    Others might disagree with me. x

  • Thanks for your reply slimjacqui maybe you mis understood me or I didn't make myself clear, it was my heart consultant that told me not to stop. In your e cig do you use tobacco flavour or something else. I may give it a try. Like you I have tried every thing going.

  • 5months now stopped on e cig i change flavour often so dont become bored with as found on same flavour i was getting tempted for a cig ,so when this happens i go back to tobbaco flavour ,hope helps you xx

  • I stopped smoking in July last year I used the ecig and the bubble gum flavour that was after many years of trying I am 57 years old you should give it a try I still use the ecig if I get the urge that was my problem with stopping before if I got the urge I would buy cigs at least with using the e cig I am not harming myself hope this helps x

  • Thankyou bless I am going to give it a try, but you know what even thinking about it is giving me palpitations. How bad is that.

  • Try Green Smoke e-cigs - either Absolute Tobacco or Tobacco Gold, for the sam(ish) taste as ordinary cigs and within a couple of days you wont crave an ordinary Cigarette. I stopped 8 months ago having smoked for 60 years and wouldn't thank you for the ordinary ones now. No fiddly filling up as they are ready to smoke. Google Green Smoke, and you will see they come at the top of tests and reviews.

  • I am 67 and smoked since I was 15. I was admitted to hospital this March with a bad chest infection. I was in for 12 days . The consultant told me to stop or Id find myself in and out of hospital. I went home and havnt smoked at all. The thought of being as bad as I was in March has been enough to help me to stop. I'm sure that with some willpower and e cigs you can succeed in quitting smoking.

  • A big thanks to all who has replied. I have read all posts with interest.

  • Hi Diddy did you ask your heart consultant why he said don't stop smoking? To be honest I would go by what he says. Have you asked your doctor for clarification?

    If you use E-cigs there are lots of different flavours but they all have nicotine in. x

  • Yes coughalot idid ask at the time and he said that the last two heart attacks have been caused by extreme stress, and to give up altogether would cause me a lot of stress. I have several health issues as well as looking after my husband who has dementia, so I am stressed most of the time any way. Do I stop to help my COPD and RA or carry on and risk another heart attack?????????? I know that you and others are not medically trained and can't really advise, it is me just having a rant and having someone to talk to as I can't talk to my hubby. Thanks for listening.

  • well in reply to this if on e cig can puff head off lol and more if stressed so maybe a win situation for you x

  • I used nicotinelle fruit chew gum With the nicotine plastic cigarette not the vaper pens. Hard but just one thing wasn't enough for me. Good Luck xx

  • im also on the e cig and love might want to get a higher miligram and taper off slowly for it to work. i was a very smoker and i quit doing the e cig...

  • Hello Diddydriver, welcome to the site I am retired with similar illness to you except I have Osteoarthritis . I have been a none smoker since 2006 but failed on the first try to give up, then restarted after eighteen months. I used patches on my final try with the GPs help. Have you seen those new nicorettes that you take when you feel the urge to smoke maybe they are worth a try or maybe join a group who are giving up like yourself., so you can share experiences. Avoid places which are associated with smoking, and agreed it takes a lot of willpower too or support from someone who understands what it is like. Oh I suck more sweets now so am overweight with poor teeth :) :) Good luck and every best wish

  • Hi Diddydriver. I suffered severe panic attacks after diagnosis and went into meltdown every time I tried to stop.

    I did it with an ecig. I told myself I am going to cut right down, in my own time and stop when I felt ready. At first, the ecig is noticeably different tasting from the real thing, but, that changes after a day or two.

    I just puffed on the ecig most of the time and had a real cig whenever I really wanted one. I felt so much less stressed, because I knew I was smoking much less than normal, which made me feel quite pleased with myself. Doing it this way, completely took away the anxiety I felt at the thought of stopping smoking.

    I ended up stopping much sooner than I intended to, because the ecig started to taste exactly the same as the real one.

    It really doesn't have to be so scary Diddy, if you tell yourself you can have one anytime you want. Just persevere with the ecig and it will do it for you. Good luck. xx

  • Thankyou Casper, you sound just like I do , which is very reassuring. I will start tomorrow with the e cig I bought several months ago and only used a few times. If I can get through the first few hours I will feel better ( maybe ) the mornings are the worst for me. I smoke about 7/10 in the first 4 hours of the day. So I will see what tomorrow brings. Hopefully no panic attacks. My pulse is racing writing this. I am pleased to hear that someone else got panicky, I thought it was just me.

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