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Well I've received a letter saying I wont be getting ESA as I have not paid enough contributions. But they still want my P45 and for me to complete the capability to work form, and they might ask me to attend a one of the assessments, and could I keep sending sick certificates so that can keep up my contributions. She also went on to say about I don't qualify because my husband works more than16 hours. I know what your all thinking what's that got to do with anything, I was going for contribution based. I rang BLF helpline very helpful if somewhat bemused at the information I had been given.

Kim xxx

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  • Hello Kimmy. I thought if youd worked and paid NI for 2years prior to claim you could get it? Robin

  • I gave up work December 2013 and according to them I didn't pay enough NI 2013-2014.

    Kim xx

  • Hi, very annoying & disappointing news! It sounds to me that they may now have put you in the income based ESA since you don't have enough NI contributions. Your husbands wage is taken into account for this. It's also means tested. Hope it goes ok for you

  • She told me I don't qualify because my husband works more than 16 hours a week.

    Kim xx

  • Could be wrong but, I thought if they put you in the support group after a ESA Assessment it doesnt matter if you are on contribution or income, you still get the allowance?

  • Well I haven't actually been assessed yet, just done the phone call I'm yet to fill in any forms. I wont ever being able to return to work, but they don't know that because they've not ask for any details of my condition.

    Kim xx

  • Hi just to let you know if you are entitled to contributory ESA its only paid for 12 months if you are put in the support group then the time limit becomes unlimired not much help in afraid if your not entitled but you should still complete all the forms to ensure your contributions are paid for when you reach retirement for your pension. Have you tried to claim pip?

  • Yes I get DLA. The only reason I thought about ESA was because I've been helping my sister to claim as she was diagnosed with a brain tumour in June, and she hadn't worked in 4 years and her claim was accepted. None of it makes any sense.

    Kim xx

  • Hi Kimmy if you go onto DWP web site there is a calculator set up on there which calculates your contributions it asks for all your work details maybe worth having a look hope it helps you. X

  • Thank you I'll have a look.

    Kim xx

  • Hi Kimmy,it,s very complicated and they keep moving the goalposts.I got the Citizens Advice people to help.They were great,they know best way to fill in the forms,all the changes and all the different stuff you can apply for,get in touch with them they will help you.D.

  • I'm going to a local community project on Monday they helped me secure DLA.

    Kim xx

  • You have to have paid 24 months NI from the date of the claim. It may be that your employer has not submitted the NI (Happened to me) Or while claiming they did not pay your contributions?

    I would say that they are looking at the claim now as a Income related one hence the over 16 hours? In my case they claimed my wife's 16 hours a week added up to over 100 hours a month?

    The options you have is ask for a reconsideration, Call HMRC and ask when the NI was not paid? It did take a bit of time but I got a letter showing me fully paid up in the end ( my employer paid it in) Plus they told me I was overpaid on my pension so I at least know I have that.

    If all that fails then sign on for JSA and as long as you have a sick note for no longer than 2 months they cannot ask you into interviews. But they can ask you to see their Doctor.

    Good Luck

  • As I said to Gary they don't actually know anything about me apart from the basics. I'll just see what they say at the community project. But I'm not holding my breathe.

    Kim xx

  • Hi have a look at this site and join it plenty of help on it

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