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Nebbed Colomycin

Hello. Having managed to get rid of my HI colonisation following it causing double pneumonia and septicaemia , I have now managed to grow Pseudomonas 😟 Been prescribed Cipro 750mg twice a day and nebbed Colomycin. At the clinic they told me it would take 15-20 mins to neb but my nebuliser goes through the 2ml dose in about 6-7 mins. Am I doing something wrong? My nebuliser is an AC4000 and in the clinic they use AC2000 so is it that mine is more powerful? Thank you 😊

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I am not that sure but really 6-7 minutes sounds about right to me and your nebuliser is an AC4000 so sounds more powerful. If you are concerned then the best thing to do is contact the clinic and just check. Hope that helps a little. Take care xxxx


Hi Kiki

Glad you managed to get rid of the dreaded HI - wish I could evict my colonisation. So sorry though you are now struggling with the dreaded pseudo.

I can't remember how long it took me when I was nebbing colomycin but I was then using a philips in any event. I am now nebbing Tobramycin and am using an AC2000. Not really timed it and I am nearly at the end of my 28 day cycle off. I will time it when I start my next cycle. It is 2ml but may not be like for like.

Just wondering if you are bronchodilating followed by saline/hypertonic if you use the latter, followed by physio before nebbing you colomycin.

I hope you get some answers hun.

love cx


Hi Kiki,

The AC4000 is in fact an older model replaced by the superior AC2000, but both would be more than adequate to nebulise your meds. The advice from the clinic is poor. If you go to the technical specs for the AC2000 are 7-9 lts/min @138 kPa and it should take 2.5 - 5.5 minutes to nebulise 2.5mill.

The relevant figures for AC4000 are 7lts/min, and 4.5 - 7.5 minutes for 2.5mill. I have owned both machines and they are high quality products, used extensively in hospitals.


Hi I'm Ranworth 14th. My Coleman New takes about 20 mins

I get back to back infections. Suffer with Bronchiectasis & Aspergillus , as well as high blood pressure, & others. Do you know what the Colombia is used for.


Sorry predicted text, it's Colomycin not Colombia.


Thanks everyone. It seems to vary with different mouthpieces but is generally around 7 mins which is better than 20!

Ranworth - I'm on it for a pseudo colonisation and have bronch and brittle asthma :)


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