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Nitride oxide test

Last time I saw my respiratory consultant he did a nitride oxide test. My score was 11. He has decided that he does not think I have asthma but some other respiratory condition. Next time my breathing gets grumpy I have got to have another nitride oxide test instead of following my asthma plan to see whether it is asthma.

I am quite nervous as the safety of following my asthma plan is not there and I not due back at respiratory clinic for four months. Respiratory clinic is where you can do nitride oxide test.

I am also unsure what could be up with my breathing if it is not asthma?!

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Hi, I have had asthma for years , but I have never heard of this test....so I googled...is it Nitric Aid they test for.

Are you in the UK or somewhere else? The test was mentioned by NICE, and on the Boots website. Increased levels can be one indicator of asthma and inflammation I think.

Hope you find an answer soon for your breathing condition. Take care.


I live in England. The test is meant to show airway inflammation. I scored 11 which is very low which means very little inflammation but on the day of test my breathing was happy and I was not using blue inhaler more than once a week.


Thanks for the reply, have you had any allergy tests....skin prick tests...at all?

Have you rung the BLF helpline for advice?

If your find you are getting more breathless before your consultation , it's best to visit your GP..

I don't have an asthma plan, but I have asthma/ COPD. i keep an emergency pack of antibiotics and steroids at home as well as my regular inhalers. And I visit my emergency care centre or A and E if it gets bad.

Have you tried the pursed lip breathing technique at all...I find it helpful...it can be found on you tube. And gentle nose breathing at other times.

Could you ring your consultants secretary to tell them of your concerns? I would ask your GP too, as stress about not knowing what to do if there is a problem will not be helpful to your breathing.

Take care....and thank you for the information about the test...learnt something new today.


I used to be given antibiotics and steroids to keep at home but now there is a question over my diagnosis I can only have inhalers at home. I will ring my respiratory nurses office today to ask there advice.

My gp cannot help because consultant written to him with same information I got no steroids til had nitride oxide test and go does not do this test he does not have the device.

Thank you for your replies knitter



Fractional exhaled nitric oxide.

A marker for immflamation in asthma and chronic bronchitis. The imflammation in chronic bronchitis is a much lower value than in asthma.

Normal <25 parts per billion.

Modetate 25-50 ppb.

High >50ppb.

These are for adults above 12 yrs old.


Thank you ponkmonster.

I have spoken to my respiratory team. I am booked in for a nitride oxide test on Tuesday. It just feels really weird to be told but you must not increase steroids before the test no matter what your breathing is doing. It is so so weird!

I am so used to following my asthma plan for it now to be stopped feels wrong!


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