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Its BUG's session GOD i picked up good en

My doctor GP's said its VIRUS nothing to worry about yet am coughting up green mucus sputom

Highly infected NEARLY floored me runny sore throat nose hurts to cough

Felt sick and had the shits .. yet my GP thinks i dont need out as am already taking maintenance antibiotics.

Anyway he said it might be TAD Gastro-enteritis & Sinus Infection

Is a worry when lung docs have said i dont have that much lung matrial

Given my infection rate.

Is reasuring when GP say's its not infected even tho green Especily when my lung doc as said i will

Not survive pneumonia again.

Its amazing how germs always beat flu vacine

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Sorry to hear you're not well. Last years flu vaccine didn't work against the viruses that we're going round. My husband who has CoPD hasn't been the same since contacting a flu virus in February. His COPD now is severe. I do not have COPD but was very ill and spent a week in bed, something I haven't done since being a child.

Let's hope this years vaccine is more effective. Have you already had yours?

Take care of yourself, rest and keep warm and drink as much fluid as you can.

Hope you recover soon.


Hi didn't get my flu jab until January last year ,,as every time I booked it I got a chest infection ,,,,,,,,and couldn't believe it when I went down with the flu virus ,,,,,copd nurse said the jab wasn't for the virus I got ,,,,,,,needless to say last year was a complete right off for me health wise ,,,,infection after infection ,,,,,sept arrives this year and I thought that's not going to happen again ,,,,, rang to make the appointment asking to be done ASAP ,,,,,,only to get a sore throat and cough ,,,started last Sunday ,,,,,,,so guess I'll have to wait again ,,i hope your hubby and yourself and

everyone else ( including me ) Has a better winter this year ,,,, take care ,

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Green mucus can just be snot running from your nose down into your throat. Then you cough and hey presto green sputum that actually came from your nose not your chest.

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Oh Daz, do you have to stay with that Doctor? Pete takes maintenance ab's but still has to have different ones if he has a chest infection. I hope you can get someone to listen to you as it would make a nice change.

Take care mate. xxxxx


Hi Daz. Giving antibiotics depends on whether the infection is viral or bacterial. He may mean that there is an infection but not one that can be treated by antibiotics. Does that make sense?


Hi Daz, we've got to be strong and patient to be poorly haven't we? I'm not looking forward to bug season, wish you better soon xxxx


A lot of that sort of virus is going around near us. I hope it clears up quickly for you. xx

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don'nt you have an emergency pack

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