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Asthma or something else??

I am suffering from three months from this. Sometimes I feel that there is no problem at all.

I feel like i dont have any lung problem.

But then sometimes i feel some breathing problem for like 1-2 hours. It feels like something in my trachea below vocal cord. When i cough very little phlegm come out. It happens in evening and morning. I sleep pretty well. No breathing issues once slept. I dont know whats the problem. I have allergy that too from dust mites. But when i sleep i feel nothing. Also some headache from 3-4 weeks i am sure not related to sinus.

My Chest x-ray shows nothing. Suffering on and off for 3 months.

Did anyone had symptoms like me ? Even oxygen saturation level is always normal(around 90). I dont feel breathless when walking or even running for a while. I had B12 like 230 pg/ml which is normal but less i am taking supplements. Plus thyroid also normal. But my allergist suspects something metabolic.

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Hi & welcome! Have you been to see your GP about your symptoms? Might be worth having a chat with him/her or even calling BLF helpline for advice. Hope you get answers to your problem soon, take care


My cough variant asthma has those symptoms. Had them for years before last GP joined the dots and came up with CV asthma. I'd ask about CV.


Is it possible that i may be having allergic reaction to vitamin B12 supplements itself. Because Doctors asked me not to take any vitamin supplements. But i want to make my levels more than 500 before i stop.


Stick with the doctor's advice. No point self administering, could bring a host of other problems. Seek proper medical advice ie. Go back to your GP.


Your B12 at 230 might be within 'normal' range, but there is a grey area under 400/500 Apparently the Japanese keep their people above 500 to keep away Altzheimers and Dementias, they have less of these diseases in their country, but optimally your B12 is better up around 1000, (apparently) go onto the PAS (Pernicious Anemia/B12 Deficiency) forum site, here on Health Unlocked and ask them the same question about your low within range B12 blood result Arvindkrao.

Also what were your thyroid results ?

Hypothyroidism mimics B12 Deficiency, many thyroidys also get told they have 'normal' bloods when they don't feel normal. :)


Yes that is also suspected. B12 is normal but on border and same with thyroid results they are normal but on border on hyper side. I just have some minor trembling hands when holding both hands straignt. Normally there no symptoms. Thats what my Allergist suspects. She asked me to go to Endocrinologist again , a different one this time for confirmation. Let see. I will raise the Question of B12 with him tomorrow.


Do pop your post up on both 'PAS' and 'Thyroid UK' here on

Health Unlocked for very good advice from members who have experienced the same and sometimes give better answers than Medics, even Endos, (let hope you have a good Endo.)

Many have both conditions, they go hand in hand.

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