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To all you cat lovers out there, I wonder if you could make any suggestions. I already have one cat who I have had forever, but in April I got an extra one. This extra one, Jack, belonged to my daughter in Australia but she wanted him to come here because he was terrorised by other cats and dogs round about. I did all the usual things to get the both of them together as seamlessly as possible: gave Jack his own seclusion room (which he still has), kept them apart for a time and just very slowly introduced them to each other. There was an initial spat but then things seemed to settle and now Jack has the run of the house and enjoys being outside. However, a few days back, Sam, the older cat decided to take offence at Jack and just started going up to his face and meowing from low pitched to a high pitched noise. I don't have a clue what is going on and hope this is not the start of serious trouble. I know there are loads of cat lovers on here and wondered if any of you could give me some advice as to what is going on. I would appreciate any help I can get as I want them to live happily together. Maybe this is impossible. Many thanks.

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  • sounds like its a pack thing he is warning him he is top cat and not to forget it

  • Not sure what to say, Juney. If you live in a smallish house, it could be difficult. My daughter talks about getting a dog, and obviously the dog would be welcome here, but Malcolm the cat??? Cats are like humans in some way. If I had to share a house with someone I didn't like?

  • nice to see the cat has a good name lol

  • Thanks Pergola. House seems big enough but I don't suppose I would like to share a house either!

  • Hi Juney,

    There is something you can buy from the vets or pet shop called Feliway. Now I was very doubtful about this product when told about it, but I can assure you it definitely works. When you rub or stroke a cat on the side of their face, or when you see them doing it themselves, they love this and do it because it releases natural pheromones from within their own bodies. These relax them and make them feel good.

    Feliway is a synthetic version of this and come in a spray and is used in any situation that a cat finds stressful, such as travelling, moving home or another cat coming into the house, or in any situation that is upsetting for cats. You spray just a very small amount all around the house where they sit, lie and on the edges of the doors they go through, and on the wall at their litter trays. It is only a small amount at a time though. There is also the plug in version which is probably better as you can put it in a room and switch it on and it stays on all the time and the liquid is absorbed into the air and around the house. The spray is handy for doing doors and extra places.

    It really works, and I was very sceptical about it.

    I had to use it on Felix when he had to become an indoor cat after losing an eye and he got really stressed out which is what may be happening with your two cats and Feliway might just calm them both down a bit. It takes a few days to work though, but it is worth it.

    Good luck,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Oh i may try some of that myself im always stressed :) x

  • Thanks for that Huggs. Sounds really promising. Will go out later and try and get some (just having quick coffee)! You have an answer for everything and I thank you again.

  • You are welcome Juney, and I am sure it will help. I don't think I made it clear that for long term use you are better buying the plug in type which works like those air fresheners, and if you can get a small bottle of the spray for spraying at cat height as they pass through doors or other places around the house where the plug in one cannot reach. It is quite expensive and I found it a lot more inexpensive online. With the plug in one at first it is more expensive, as you have to have the basic plug in, but after that it is just refills.

    Hope it works out for you.

    take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • You are so good Huggs . Will have to be tomorrow when I get it now as something cropped up. As I said in don't often appear but it is always so rewarding when I do. So much advice. Thank you again and will definitely buy tomorrow.

  • You are welcome Juney, and it might take a few days to work, but as it is long term and you need it in the atmosphere of the room the plug in one is best, with a small travel sized spray for other areas.

    Its good to see you on the forum, and glad I could help.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Deli way is great and even though initially its costly

    It does last for ages and will definitely help.

    Good luck. I have one cat now.


  • Thanks Hannah. Will have to order online as can't find where I live. Sounds good though. Thanks again.

  • I had the one for my dogs,it works

  • Thank you so much. Everyone been so helpful.

  • If you go online to Pet Supermarket UK you'll find various remedies for stressed moggies. There's a plug in one - Felaway pheromone I think it's called it's supposed to be very good, but I think it's quite expensive. For timid cats there's 'Timid' by Bioforce, you just add a few drops to their food - not sure how that would go down tho ', given the pickiness of cats. And then there are drops to put on the blankets to calm them down, I can vouch for those, I use them when taking my cat to the vets as she's quite nervous of cars and positively hates going into her carrier. They're 'Dorwest Veterinary'- organic valerian compound, (not sure if Pet S'market do those). They might help to calm things down a bit until they've got more used to each other and sorted out who's boss. Or, you could ask at the vets. Hope they sort things out soon tho'.😿😿 😻

  • Thank you so much magpuss. So much good advice. Will look at Pet Supermarket and different things. Out of all this advice there must be something. They are quiet tonight! Thank you again.

  • Fostered a cat alongside our two. Only thing I'd add re Feliway plug-in. Don't rely on one to cover even a small house. Get at least two. That was our mistake in working out acreage of our small 25 foot x 25 foot two storey house - leading to our dearly loved, older cat peeing and poohing from the top edge of five foot high perch, not to mention all over our brand new sofa. We stuck it for three months before regretfully handing the foster back.

  • Thanks Minky. Hasn't come to damage YET but am taking all advice. Thanks again.

  • Hi you have 2 males. They are working out the pecking order - ie which one is top cat. They will sort themselves out eventually. x

  • Thanks Coughalot. Tonight they have been very quiet so keeping fingers crossed. Think I will try Huggs suggestion tomorrow and see what happens. Thanks for input though, every bit if help appreciated.

  • You are welcome. Contrary to what most people think cats like most animals (apart from mankind) try to avoid fighting if they can. They use other methods first like the miaowing. What you might find is both cats ignore each other in the future or sometimes a cat will leave home! I hope this doesn't happen though. x

  • In case I have missed anyone, can I thank everyone so much who has tried to help me with the cats. I really appreciate everyone's input and it makes me so pleased to be on this site and with people who care about everything not just lung problems. Thank you again, you are a wonderful, caring group.

  • Hi juney, just to endorse what Huggs says. Get some Felliway I can recommend it.

    Best of luck with the pusscats ! Sheila x

  • Hi Sheila, have tried all over my small town this morning and can't get it will have to send away for it. They are both lying asleep in sun just now so peace reigns! Thank you for your help.

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