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My appetite has gone crazy.

My appetite has gone crazy.

Can't stop eating...

Just two weeks ago from hospital records I was 66 kilos. since been diagnosed copd 4 months. .. I had been forcing myself to eat so I don't get ill.

now am 73 kilos...that's 6 kilos in two weeks.

Most of my adult live I was 77..78..kilos...

I know I have gone downhill in the last two years. .. through depression.

I have been reading that some people have put on weight they believe is coursed by medication there on...I am on the same medication and am sure it's not that.

On Monday morning this week for example. ...started with toast tea coffee mix nuts water. ..and eating sweets non stop in the car when we go out.

I drank more water and a bottle of fresh coconut juice before and stopped at a road side restaurant and finished of a big bowl of noodles. ..This is only about 11am.

I kept saying to my wife that I still feel a bit hungry. ...10 minutes up the road we got what we needed from the supermarket parked the trolley up and sat down in the restaurant ...

now the thai green curry looked good but so did the spaghetti with cream mushroom source.

I ordered both and eat all of it.

I have never before done that in my life..

I didn't even feel bloated. ..The cheese cakes look good too. ..so I bought 4 of them to take home...All this before lunch. 😌😌.

I've just eaten two cakes whilst writing this.

A lemon marang and a custed tart.

Is this a delayed effect on stopping smoking.

Bless my wife just brought me a bit sandwich.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards.

Big Andy.

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could be because you stopped smoking ,I found when I have stopped I was eating lot more ,

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Yes I think that's what it must be....and I started getting the taste of food again remember I had a problem with that for some time.

Am going to see a new specialist in Bangkok on Monday and I got a good feeling that things will start to improve.

Been very heavy rain all day...hopefully it will stop for a few days so I can finish the chicken shed.

Well enjoy- just wondering who brought you the sandwich? Did I miss something? Best wishesxx

Yes I did enjoy very much.

No you didn't miss anything. ..just left the word future out that's all.

Wanted to see what my reaction was when I read through it.

Kind regards.

Any xxx

... and read nicely right? She is a lucky lady and of course we know already she is gorgeous and caring. What's the specialist for shoulder, lungs, allergies? Look after yourself and yours. Best wishesxxx

Read like a dream....

With me, it was a combination of feeling less anxiety, once I'd found this site and it's wonderful members and stopping smoking. xx

I think you have hit the nail on the head there casper.

Today am going to think before I eat.


Andy xxxx😩

Stopping smoking improves your appetite,as the taste buds improve a lot!

Also are you taking steroids,as they give you the munchies? e.g..Prednisolone.

Good luck.

Hugs Wen xx

Thanks. . I went and looked in my box of medicines and found that I was put on prednisolone two weeks ago.

I was only on them for one week.

I have to exercise bit more self control.

Thanks so much.


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