Im not sure

Hi i went to docs last oct telling him i was getting slightly out of breath in windy conditions, i was given a spiromtry test told i had copd and given an inhaler, but im not sure this is correct. I had a couple of t i a ,s a couple of years ago so i am on meds to prevent a full on stroke, i recently read the side effect leafletsfor these meds and 3 of them say causes shortness if breath.i hardly ever use the inhalor maybe 3 times in 3 months, have an allotment and recently shoveled into and wheelbarrowed 15 loads of manure without getting out breath so am not sure this diagnosis is correct. I am an ex smoker ,stopped 10 years ago, your thoughts appreciated

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Hi & welcome! I'm not a doctor but I had an X-ray & spirometry tests done before I was diagnosed. I notice you say you were given an inhaler. I think by your description,you mean a blue reliever inhaler, maybe salbutamol or Ventolin? Have you been given a preventer inhaler as all of us diagnosed with COPD have? Could be Spiriva, Symbicort eg.

Think best idea would be to see your GP & tell him your worries. By the way, stopping smoking 10 years ago doesn't mean you can't have COPD. Good luck

Hi thanks for replying and yes its a ventolin and no i havnt been given a preventer or an xray and of course the fact i had already given up smoking doesnt mean it couldnt be copd i understand that and are under no illusions that smoking has harmed me, its just i read the posts on here and all these poor people seem to struggle terribly where as i am very active and can have 2 mile walks daily with no ill effect.i am confused to be diagnosed with this after one test, gp doesnt want to see me for a year and have got boxes of unused ventolin stacking up. Thanks again

Let's hope you don't get any worse I used to only get exacerbation in October and feb and I never used my blue inhaler in between and could walk 4 miles without getting breathless. for the past 5 years I have been on antibiotics steroids nebulisers I also take 2 preventer inhalers and nothing will clear it and am breathless all the time.

Oh sorry to hear that take care

Whats exacerbation please x

You seem to have COPD at the mild stage & just use reliever as & when needed. I would love to be able to walk 2 miles without using my inhaler so keep at it! I'm a bit puzzled by you saying you have got boxes of Ventolin stacking up. I only repeat order mine when one runs out so I never have a stockpile. Yes there are members here who have various stages of COPD & other lung related illnesses. Some are mild & others are at an advanced stage but we all have fun chatting to each other as you will see from the posts. Take care

I keep telling the scrip service i dont need the ventolin but do they listen er no lol just seems strange that never had breathing probs before and that the 3 stroke meds im on all say cause breathless contra indications perhaos a chat with gp is needed

If you had spirometry test, then you probably do have copd. Did you see the results? Check with gp.


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