Stinging pain in lower n mid ribs - me again

Hi folks, still hacking and moving gross amounts of muck thick n really sticky (sorry I know it's gross) 😞 Breathing not too bad , still on abs, steroids n mucodyne, but really sharp stinging pains in ribs mainly bottom any body experienced this, when I'm wrenching the mucus up it feels like I'm tearing it from my side !! Oh ain't life fun any advice appreciated xx carol

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  • Have you been to the doctors yet?

  • Hi magpuss, yes about 8 days ago and 2 fone consultations whereas they just told me to take co condomol, and keep taking abs x

  • Have you had a proper examination, X-ray etc since the RTA?

  • Went to my go who examined me and said my ribs would be sore but the onset of the infection was probably due to trauma, I've only had a couple of phone consultations since as no apps free, the burning sensation in my ribs does feel like infection and so much nasty rubbish coming up x

  • Did you have an xray after your rta you could of done some thing to your ribs ?

  • Not as yet it really feels like infection, burning etc x carol

  • I agree with the others you need to see someone get and X ray etc, it might just be pleuritic pain but best to check.

    Kim xxx

  • Thanks kimmy x

  • Could be pleurisy.

  • Maybe I've never had it so not really sure of symptoms , thanks Gerald x

  • Are you sure that the pain is not coming from the violent coughing? ie having pulled the intercostal muscles between the ribs? That certainly can be painful too.

    Either way you have my sympathy. Rib

  • That was my thoughts also, but you beat me to it RibvanRey.

  • Sorry Neo7. I will try to post more slowly next time 😆

    Regards Rib

  • Ha Ha

  • Well, I do only type with one finger on my phone. I am not like some of these people with huge desktop computers and ergonomic radio controlled keyboards. lol

  • Exactly RibvanRey. I had that problem 3 weeks ago, a really bad chest infection with violent coughing. Usual meds seems to have cured the infection snd rest and HOT baths have helped the Muscle / rib pains. Almost normal today but pruning the roses can wait for a while ;-)

  • Hi Rib, yes it could be from coughing and wrenching round rib and stomach muscles , it's like stinging sensation in some of my rib bones !! I have never ever brought up as much mucus up as I have this week it seems to be peeling from my inners !! Only way I can explain it from so deep then panic as it gets stuck in my large airway , I've been at it for about six hours today on and off, I've managed to get an appointment with doc on Friday morning, I'm just hoping it's the abs clearing ALL the infection instead of leaving a bit behind to grow again which in my opinion seems to happen, thankfully my breathing is not too brads but sats quite low for me , thanks for messaging me kind regards carol x

  • When I was rushed into hosp last week my sats had plunged overnight. I was fine when last obs taken at lights out. When they were taken in the morning prior to getting up I had dropped to 83% and that was with my oxygen still running at 4 lpm. I have always had great difficulty expectorating even tiny amounts. This Bronchiectasis exacerbation was directly due to huge amounts of infected mucus build up, that I could not shift. Yes, once the gunge had moved from the bottom of the lung to the mid-point it is exactly like you say. It is a moment of horror as it feels like there is no way of getting air into the lung nor of expelling the blockage.

    Fortunately I was able to last out for the ambulance by having my oxygen turned up to 6 lpm from a cylinder. This helped the breathing and reduce the shear panic to just terror. As the Paramedic told me, that when he arrived he could see my eye just starring in fear. He put a nebuliser onto his O2 cylinder and kept the pressure up until an ambulance arrived and took me to A&E.

    With Bronchiectasis it is very likely that infections appear to clear but in fact still lurk in the pools of mucus that collect in the caverns that the condition causes. One reason why with Bronchiectasis NICE recommend a two week course of antibiotics as a starter course. If the infection has not cleared then a further stronger antibiotic even if a sputum specimen has not been cultured.

    I hope that I am not repeating myself. I am still not quite thinking straight yet. Hope you feel improved and get over this soon Carol.

    Regards, Rib

  • Hi rib, yes it sounds as if we are both singin from the same page, it just amazes me that a lot of doctors have to be told about how bronc patients have to deal with infections and stuff mainly what I've learned on this site, hopefully another few days on abs and things will start to get easier, many thanks take care xxx carol

  • You are welcome. If you would like to PM me at any time then you are more than welcome.

    Doctors generally see an overwhelming percentage of COPD patients and just plump for following the guide lines for treating that. As we know to our detriment Bronchiectasis is Not part of COPD and needs a different approach at times. We have to politely clue our GPs in and get them interested in being the one GP in their practice who does know the difference 😄

    I am very fortunate in that the lady who was for years my Community Pulmonary Nurse Specialist left, up skilled, and became my local GP Practice Nurse Practitioner. So I now have an expert with a foot in my GP's door.

  • Hi rib, well I'm back from my couple of days at Whitby, thought the sea air may help sort me out but afraid not this infection doesn't seem to want to go it's all in my head , nose grossly so and of course my poor racked chest !! I'm on my second week of amoxicillin , gets really scary at times, I'm back with my go in the morning hoping she can add something to the mix, think it's the worst one I've had in a long while, il let you know how I get on , hope you are well xx luv carol

  • Hi carol I am in exact same position ive been off work nearly 4months yuk stopped but breathless chest on fire chest has gone from bringing all yuk up to going very tight . Mucodyn is great normally . But ooh pain in ribs it's from coughing when you cough get towel twist it and wrap around your rib area this helps so much . Hope you feel better soon . Xxx Pidginpie

  • Hi pidgenpie, yes you may be right thanks for the post and the tip with the towel, just haven't got much strength in me to twist towel, damn infections grr take care xx carol

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