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As you know when I went for my LFT they told me that I didn't copd, went to.doc's last week because as I posted I had an extremely dry mouth, well the outcome of that was I was tested for low iron and low sugar came back clear. Went docs Friday because I have according to him PND so I'm now on beconase and anti histamines, woke up.this morning with severe indigestion which actually made me sick and also diarrhoea do I go back to the doctors again or just self medicate. I know I shouldn't really be on this site but you are all so helpful. I just wanted anybodys opinion thank you. By the way I've stayed on this site.because I love reading all the posts x

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  • You're welcome. Happy to provide a kind of cabaret of lung diseases. I agree. If I didn't have a lung disease I think I might pretend. Whoops... Does that make me sound like a weekend troll? Lurking under his (her?) bridge and incandescent with rage because the goats have built themselves a new, smart, troll-free one upstream. Which has the advantage that when they pee in the river it goes straight into the trolls boots. Sorry, folks, I really, really am bona fide. I really do have a lung disease, just hasn't been fully diagnosed. Please, please, don't turf me off.

    Meanwhile, silly-mummy, (not really silly) I do hope things start to improve for you.

    K xxx

  • Thank you katinka 46 your post really made me laugh lol, by the way I'm not a troll. I really do love reading all the jokes and the posts x

  • Never thought you were for a moment. Trolls are never honest. Make suspiciously vague noises about lung problems.

    K x

  • Thank you I would hate for all the.genuine people on here think that I was just posting for the fun of it x

  • You are welcome to come on here whether you have COPD or not. I actually think you are paying us a huge compliment by wanting to be here! Thanks & hope you feel better soon

  • Thank you xx

  • Hi Welcome to the site, sounds like you have picked a bug up' or coming to the end of it, would do no harm to get it checked out though,we have had a bit of funny weather these past few weeks making it ideal to start the tummy bug infections off.

  • I will see how I feel in the morning then make my mind up I wondered whether it was the steroids in the inhalers making me feel like this as I know when I was on prednisolone before for my chest with antibiotics the.doctor gave me omperazol think.I've spelt right because of acid reflux. But.thank for your answer. X

  • Sorry I'm not on inhalers it's beconase for.PND just wanted to put that right x

  • Sorry you are not feeling your best. Would you mind if I asked what PND is?

  • Post nasal drip it's where mucus drips down the back of your throat and it feels like your nose is permanently blocked. Hope this helps x

  • I suffer from PND and it's aa right pain in the neck.

    I've written on here before how I was coughing and spiitting up mucus day and night for days, it went on for a couple of months. It was very distressing and exhausting.

    II would keep waking me up, Gipping and coughing and I had to spit it out constantly. The rest would collect in my stomach and then I'd cough for hours next day until I would vomit it all up in a mass. It was gross.

    I was given Beconase and antihestimines,( I still use them.) but, they didn't stop it.

    I told the Docter, I felt like I was drowning.

    He blamed the severity of my symptoms on my reflux and upped my dose of Lanzerapole to 60 mg a day and Gavisvon was added, 4 times a day for two weeks.

    It brought it right under control. That was about 4 years ago and although I still suffer with it a few days a week, it's managable and the flare ups are now only once or twice a year.

    If it doesn't start getting better after a few weeks, maybe you should ask the doctor if it could be your reflux.

    It's really horrible to cope with and makes going out embarrassing. xx

  • Thank you very much for your reply doctor said to go back in a month if not better, so if it isn't I will certainly mention it to him x

  • He told you you have PND? Based on what symptoms?

    Those effects are unlikely to be from beconase. It's a relatively mild steroid, and in effect it's topical - it's a very small dose, you don't swallow much, if any, of it.

    Could be antibiotics if you've been on them? Or something you ate, or a bug.

    Keep well hydrated while it continues, should clear in a couple of days, if not do see the doc.

    Best wishes.

  • Thanks for the reply x

  • You stay and follow all you like silly-mummy and may the future be good to you. Take care. xxxxx

  • Thank you sassy59 for your kind comments, I did feel a bit guilty still posting on here but I know some the members on here suffer with the same sort of thing and thought maybe they could advise me. You take care to and I will still follow you all.xxx

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