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Developing respiratory equipment in London

Imperial college are holding a "hackathon" - an event where they hope to develop new and existing respiratory equipment to improve life for people with lung conditions.

I've attached the poster below. Joel Trotter, who works for Imperial College, would like to invite people with respiratory conditions to come along, have a cup of coffee and talk to their engineers and designers about how their ideas might (or might not) help you.

You would be welcome to drop in at any point over the 2 days and could stay for as long as you liked. Just call Joel beforehand so he knows to expect you. His telephone number is 0798 476 0834 and his email address is

This is an exciting opportunity and I hope that some of you are able to take Joel up on his invitation.

Best wishes,


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Sounds interesting but too far for me to travel. Maybe other members who are nearer would like to attend & could tell us all about it.

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Too far for me I'm afraid but I hope there's a good response from those who can make it.

Wish it was nearer to home, please will you post and let us know the outcome of the hackathon.

Hi Clematis, I'll ask Joel if he wouldn't mind feeding something back to us after the event and I'll post it on here.

Why is everything in London? x

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Hi Coughalot, This is being put on by Imperial College, and of course they're based in London. I'm afraid I don't know whether this sort of thing isn't being done outside of London or if I'm just not told about it. Certainly if I did hear about any good pieces of work that you could get involved with outside of London then I'd let you know.

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Thanks Bethany I appreciate your reply. It's just so frustrating - I would love to take part in something like this but they are either in London or in the north. There is absolutely nothing here in the South West! x

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I've noticed that seems to be a bit of a pattern too. Different parts of the UK can be so different, so I also find it frustrating (albeit in a slightly different way) that not everywhere can always be represented. It's one of the reasons I try to put some of our consultations on here, so that we can reach you guys wherever you are.

That's great Bethany and thank you. Many of us don't live in or near any trials etc. so we never get represented! But hopefully some people can take part, so it's good that you put them on here, and I am sure they appreciate it. x


That's right Chopsticks. Sorry, I know its short notice!

Thanks for the post Bethany but too far for us to travel too. If Pete ever goes to the Brompton he has to have Transport so we cannot be at Imperial College but hope some can make it. x

Thanks for letting me know Sassy. x

I need to ask a few questions first, so will send an email to Joel.

Will let you know if I decide to go Bethany. Regards Isobel

Thanks Isolbel!

I would love to go but London is miles away but any feedback would be fantastic

Joel has offered to send me some information about how it went, possibly including a video. I'll post it on here when I get it.

If you're on Twitter then you can also keep up on the day by following @ICAHackspace and #breathehackathon. (But I know that's not ideal for everyone.)

Joel has offered that anyone who lives too far from London but wants to get involved could do so by Skype if they wish. It would give their participants a chance to ask you questions and get feedback about their ideas. You can call him on 0798 476 0834 if you’re interested in setting that up.

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