Away from home with COPD exacerbation

Away from home with COPD exacerbation

I am on holiday in Spain on my own and have had a persistent cough. I saw my GP before I left and she advised I take a course of steroids which I did. I hoped that a 7 day course of steroids and sunshine would finish my cold off. Not so, if ant hyping my cough has got worse. I am not producing phlegm and don't have a temperature. I am wondering if I need to take my emergency supply of antibiotics but don't want to take them unless I have to. I am new to the group and would value your opinions.

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Hello and welcome to our wonderful forum.

Kirsten I have to take the antibiotics and steroids together, has your doctor said otherwise?

I understand your hesitation, how long are you in Spain for?

Myself I would take the antibiotics, but said it is up to you.

This was why I asked how long you have left of a week then I would take them and you could replenish them once your home.

I can't say about your cough just hope you feel better soon.

I'm sure you will get some replies as people on this forum have a wealth of knowledge about this awful illness.

Again welcome xx

Etch45. xx

I wish I had known about this forum before. It is full of lovely helpful people and I am pleased to belong to it.

Lovely to have you aboard Kirsten.

Etch45. Xx

Thanks Etch45 xx

I love this site I don't post a lot as I get lots of help just reading some of the great advise . I suffer from Broncectus its a rotten illness all symptoms seem same as copd . Just big big thanks as I mo your all there to help godbless


I hope someone can advise you , hope you feel better soon .

Hi, Kristen, I can sympathise as I am away from home too....but my cough is productive so I can tell if I have an infection.

Is there not a drop in medical centre that you could visit in Spain so they could listen to your chest. Is it a wheezy cough or just a dry tickly one?

I can't think what else to advise...hopefully someone else can help you.

Thanks Knitter. I belong to Benenden Health so accessed their 24 hour GP helpline. The GP I spoke to was very thorough and recommended I start taking the antibiotics and if it isn't improving after 5 days, to see a local doctor. I hope this won't be necessary.

I guess if you went now to see the local doctor you would be given antibiotics anyway. Just be aware of any changes in your cough or breathing and seek help.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday ..take care

Kirsten I have just re read my post....and omg it reads like a 10 yr old. SORRY for the lack of correct pronunciation. (Never did like Eng / Eng lit ) 😀

Love etch45. Xx

Welcome to the site Kristen. What a great photo! Love your glasses. Can't help you out with your problem. Sounds like you got good advice from your helpline. Let us know how you are feeling.

Rubyxx 😊

Thanks for the compliment. I love glasses that are fun to wear

I always start on steroids first to deal with the tightness etc. Antibiotics I wait a while until I get signs of an infection, gunk, rattling etc. If you aren't coughing anything up then it might be there is nothing to cough up. Its tricky - best speak to a doctor.

Nothing worse than feeling poorly when alone.


I would take antibiotics. I usually take both. Hope you feel better that's why I am frightened to go on holiday.

Good morning Kristen,

Welcome hope you have a lovely holiday, and you feel better soon.

I would take the antibiotics I always pick something up on flights usually on the way home, Sally

I love my holidays too much to give them up. I make sure I have travel insurance and go on holidays like Saga where they will get you to a Doctor if it's needed.

Hello Kristen, Sorry to hear you are poorly. I suggest carry on as the doc. has advised but if there is the slightest change get straight in touch with a doctor. Just to help you not to worry Spanish hospitals are brilliant. I fell ill and collapsed. Had pneumonia. Treatment was great and even led to me having my meds for emphysema and Bronchs. being changed and have been a different person since. English was widely spoken as well. Oh I had travel insurance so it was private. Wishing you well and hoping it won't get bad enough for hospital barnowl

Hi Kristen nice to meet you and welcome to the site. I agree with the others - take your ab's etc. as it is best to be safe than sorry. I hope you are enjoying your holiday otherwise. x

Hi Kristen, I spent the whole 2 weeks in Fuerteventura coughing, I took emergency AB's, but didn't take them. My doc always says to me, (and I cough all the time ) to take antibiotics, if I am actually feeling unwell. Like tired and no energy, feeling generally unwell, because even if I am feeling ok like at the moment, I still cough especially at night. and my cough did get worse while I was away. But do take care and don't leave it too long if you are feeling ill. enjoy your holiday. :-)

jan x

Thanks GrannyJan. I think you make a good point about feeling unwell being a trigger for taking abs. Have you found any way of managing the coughing?

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