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Tasmania's winter coldest in nearly 50 years, Bureau of Meteorology says

Tasmania's winter coldest in nearly 50 years, Bureau of Meteorology says

Tasmania, where I live has just finished Winter and thank goodness for that as we have just experienced our coldest winter for 50 years. The following link and pic above may give you some idea what your winter may be like.

I hope your Bureau Of meteorology is wrong in their forecast of a bitter winter for you in the UK. Fingers crossed.

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Same here in NZ. Warming up now. :)

So you to had a very cold winter Sue?

Yes, apparently it was one of the worst for many years...

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I'm in Perth Gerald, we considered moving to Tassie as it is so beautiful but the weather and job prospects put us off. But I do envy you the scenery, I always think of it as a southern England xx


Hi Kad. Tassie is a beautiful place but winters are quite cool (read cold). haha. Very English , even the names of places here.

We are experiencing the most recent El Nino after effects, with a poorer summer (particularly for Scotland where farmers struggled to get their crops in), and the forecast hard winter to come. Time for us to book a holiday? Time for you to enjoy a welcome spring.

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Tassie is open for business.

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I know it's been cold there but doesn't that look lovely

snow should only be on christmas cards

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I agree with you totally Whit. Who do we talk to too change things? hahaha

So true whit.

take care

polly xx

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they have problems predicting what its going to do tomorrow so no hope at predicting weeks away

I to hope they're wrong ,,,, at least you have spring to look forward to ,all the flowers budding and new leaves on the trees ,,,,where as here in UK ,,,,,fog ,frost ,rain,wind,sleet and snow ,,,,,,

I love the 'newness' of Spring, but I find it rather changeable and so unpredictable. Today was nearly 27 and very windy, rain tonight and 16 tomorrow. Still, it keeps us entertained and rarely bored 😀

( I have a good blonde joke for you Gerald )

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21 degrees here today windy and also rain tonight and also 16 tomorrow, very variable.

Oh!!! a blond joke!!!!! just for me??

Very chilly Gerald. Hope things are warming up nicely for you now. xxxx

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We seem to be having one warm day followed by one cold day at the moment. But it is the beginning of Spring.

Its really cold and miserable hear my heating is on and I feel like putting my pj's on and going to bed not looking forward to winter at all

sorry to upset the brits on here, me included, but just been reading about climate change, and how this year and next year are going to be hotter, except for us poor brits :-( x

Hello Gerald, I reckon you need to keep your long johns on, for a couple of weeks longer. Then you will be able to get out the barbie and throw a few burgers on it!

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Ya right Azure. A little to early to get the barbie out at the moment.

See what happens when you leave Queensland!!!

Ok I will be honest,I will envy you in the summer & the high humidity kicks in here!

Well, we can't have everything can we?

Hope warmer days are with you soon xxx

Thanks Gerald, there is talk of a harsh winter here.

Do you know where data can be got in Tasmania about how effective the flu vaccinations were ?

Last year, the virus mutated and there were many more chest infections and hospital admissions as a result in the UK during the winter I understand.

Best wishes,


Hiya Sirjames. I have looked high and low for that type of info. I would say its still too early for statistics. Also the flu vaccine was late this year as the authorities wanted to include some late additions to combat changes which occurred in the UK, Europe and Asia. What I did find out was that a new strain evolved in Queensland known as the Brisbane Virus which was a bit vicious accounting currently for 1 in 4 admissions to Queensland Hospitals.

Click onto this link.

Cheers. Gerald.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet here in Hong Kong.

We had one of the hottest summers on record.

At least you can put another jumper on, we however have trouble removing layers of our skin!

I feel for you Jeremy. hot humid days are very difficult if you have COPD issues or any Lung complaint. That's one of the reasons I migrated from Brisbane in Queensland to Tasmania.

How do you find the cold air in the winter in comparison to the humidity?

I can cope with the cold air as long as it doesn't get below about 2-3 degrees C. I am a nose breather so that helps. Once it gets below that I head straight for home and the fireplace. Walking into cold windy conditions also makes it difficult too. That's when I use a mouth and nose guard.

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