Poorly oven

Cant sleep so thought I would tell you about my exploding oven. While my lamb casserole was cooking in the oven , the glass in the oven door shattered to smithereens , scared me to death as I was in the kitchen making a coffee at the time. Don't know what caused it but the oven is getting old,good excuse for a new one, will have to go shopping on Monday for a new one,looks like soup and sandwiches for a while, will miss my sunday dinner this week , my favourite meal! Happy cooking! Tina. xx

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  • Oh goodness Tina,that would have given you fright! Maybe invite yourself to someone place whom will be having a roast dinner? lol xxx

  • Nice thought ha! having a stew for my tea instead,will use the top of the oven , fingers crossed it doesn't blow up ha!

  • Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear about your oven. Though it's always an excuse to buy a nice new one! Look on the bright side, nobody was hurt, except maybe your dinner! I bet you got a fright though. Hope you've got someone to help you clear up the mess it must have made. Happy cooker shopping!

  • Hi Jessy, My husband cleared up most of the mess, still found bits of glass thismorning. My husband is going to cook a stew on top of the oven for our tea today , so not too bad.

  • Excellent! Glad you had help to clear up & now going to have a lovely stew for dinner...... Yum!

  • Wow Tina,that,s a bit scary.I expect the glass had just got weak with age,a bit like me lol 💪🏼.Have a look on Amazon then check which shops have the model you want on Google,save you traipsing all over the place.Good luck,happy munching.D.

  • Good idea, will check out Amazon later! Thanks FarmerD.

  • That happened to me years ago and it was Christmas Eve !! I ended up putting foil across the hole to keep the heat in whole I cooked the dinner it worked fine luckily enough so we managed until I got a new oven.

  • Not a bad idea with the foil,glad it didn't ruin your Christmas .

  • Our dear old mam, (RIP) once made an Improvised Explosive Device: She put one of those Fray Bentos tinned large steak pies in the oven, forgetting to open its lid. Fortunately she was in the other room when it went off with an enormous BANG - blew the door off the oven, and smattered the kitchen with steak chunks... LOL!

    We were sent off to the chippy...

    Funny now...

    Should be a health warning on 'em!

  • Funny story Soulsaver, glad your mum wasn't in the kitchen at the time, making me laugh picturing the scene ha!

  • My oven went bang it was the grill first time the old man used it on the same day the washer gave up and the dish washer sprung a leak all on the same day

  • Sods Law ! they say things happen in threes, only had my freezer fixed a few weeks ago. Have ordered a new oven , should get it on Wednesday, fingers crossed. !

  • Its slow cooker weather hope your new oven is ok and doen't take to much figuring out

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