Help desperate massive excasabation - terrified !

At present I am 8 days into abs and steriods for unidentified chest infection, I suffer from cold bronchectasis and it is usual for me to have a hell of a lot of mucus, today however it's as if something has burst I have been constantly wrenching it up all day and my oxygen quite low, hardly surprising because I'm hardly coming up for air ! I seem to be flooding my chest an burning sensation round bottom of lung/midriff, it's terrifying me I'm dreading going to bed any suggestions out there please xx carol

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  • I think if you are really worried you should ring the nhs 111 line ask their advise ,

  • Thanks , I was in an RTA last Thursday not my fault, badly shaken it all started from then , been to docs 3 times, il maybe see what morning brings fingers crossed xx

  • I would ring an ambulance if you have been taking abs for 8 days and you are getting worse they aren't working. Better be safe than sorry .

    Carole x

  • Go to A and E. Don't take any chances with your lungs. It's best to go if you are not sure than not to go if there is something wrong. Or ring an ambulance. x

  • I feel same as cough. Please for your own peace of mind at least 'phone 999, especially as you are terrified, have had a recent rta and after 8 days of medication are feeling much worse. I know it's the last place you want to be but needs must. The paramedics will know you are genuine. You don't sound well enough to arse around waiting for hours for 111 only for them to ask you to ring 999.

    Don't wait hun please.


  • Please don't take any risks, call 999 and tell them that it started after the RTA.

  • I agree with the rest of your helpful answers. Phone 999, get an ambulance & get seen by qualified medical staff. Good luck & hope all goes well for you

  • Please Carol, listen to the advice. Last week I woke to find my Bronchiectasis suddenly bad. Sats at 83- 84%. Carer rang GP , no GP. Carer rang 999. I was admitted immediately. It turned out to be a very luck close call.

    An Ambo can check you out. Nebulise you and maybe get you stable again all at home. They don't always have to take people in. They would even rather have a false alarm than come to late tomorrow.

    Please ring the experts. Rib

  • hi Carol, I hope you did ring the ambos and are feeling a bit betterxx

  • Hi Carol, hope you saw someone in A&E . Please let us know how you are now, hope you feel a bit better by now , it sounded very worrying, huff xxx

  • Hi Carol,

    I hope you rang 999 last night, and are getting some treatment now, and improving. Let us know if you can, how you are getting on.

    take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hi everyone thank you all so much for caring and taking the time n effort to help me out , I made it through the night albeit not a very restful one but we are all used th that, I do feel a lot better today but I can honestly say I wouldn't have thought one 5ft 2" slight lady could store so much gross rubbish in a body , I can literally feel it pulling from my midriff and definitely my sinuses huge amounts it has now started to slow and I can actually breath like I haven't been able to for a hell of a long time ! Maybe I have dislodged a sleeping giant !! So I'm praying I'm right il keep taking the abs for a further few days , and hopefully things all round will gradually get better, so fingers crossed , a very scary time for my family. Thanks all so much xxx

  • Good news I am so glad you seem to be feeling better. Thanks for letting us know. Take carexx

  • Glad to know you are feeling a bit better x

  • Good to hear you're feeling better, long may it continue. Hope you have a peaceful sleep tonight God bless

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