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Glad to be back

Hi all,

Pleased to say that i am back on my tropical island having suffered a miserable August visiting family. temperatures of 12-14c every day. Now back to an average of 32c and i have noticed an improvement in my breathing. I had 3 minor attacks when i was over there, taking up to an hour to get my breathing under control.

How you guys get through winters i don't know.

My thoughts will be with you.


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I am fortunate enough to be able to take a long cruise to the Caribbean after Christmas. Last year I decided not to go and ended up in hospital for weeks with community aquired pneumonia and an empyema. Now I am trying to decide whether to pay for jan's cruise because I am still recovering from the empyema which could come back. The sun and clear air at sea do seem to help a lot.


Hi stillstanding 63, a guy from Australia contacted me a while back, diagnosed with COPD a couple of years ago and moved to the gold coast. Said his breathing improved immensely.

I agree with you, give me the sun and sea any day.



My husband & I were contemplating going on a winter cruise to somewhere not too hot but sunny & warm. Not sure where that is though? Any suggestions? I've got COPD but manage not too badly. If I have to walk any great distance I use my wheelchair mainly to enable me to go to places I wouldn't be able to manage on my own 2 legs!. Hubby is able bodied.

Sorry to hear your holiday was wasted by our British weather but now you're home again to the sun I'm sure your health will improve. Take care


Hi Jessy1,

Sorry, don't know much about cruises, although my mother goes on one every year.

I would think a Mediterranean cruise would suit, hot and sunny but not too hot. I live in Thailand and we will be coming into our summer in a couple of months, which will be very hot and sunny...too hot for most.

I would think anywhere that has a bit of sunshine would suit...has to be better than spending a winter in the UK.


Thank you. I'm certainly going to think about getting away to the sun. Need to do some research first!


I have to put up with it Swerv - I have no choice, but I envy those who are able to get away. XX

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