What a week

What a week ,,,,,nothing to do with my health ,,,,,as yet ,,,,but what a week ,,,,

I am a massive tennis fan ,and I've looking forward to watching the US open ,,,,,but no ,,,,the Sky box went wrong Monday ,,,,so no tennis until sky man came today and fixed it ,,,,today I am / was having a new carpet throughout down stairs ,,,, so bright and early son in law came to help hubby move furniture out into the garage ,,,,,and take up new carpet ,,,,all going well ,,,until last bit of carpet ,,,,,,,damp ,,,,,a leak ,,,

so rang ( b gas our cover ) They sent someone this afternoon ,,,,USELESS. Thank god my son in law stayed to help us sort things out ,,,,,he was showing the gas man where he thought the leak was ,,,,but know ,,,,he knew best ,,,,3 HUGE HOLES LATER !,,,one in the lounge ,,one in the hall ,,and one in the downstairs bathroom ,,,,,gas man said to S I L ,I think you were right ,,,,,,he fixed it and left ,,,,carpet man said he'd come another day ,,,,so we contacted our house insurance ,,,no problem with carpet claim

just excess of £ 350 ,,,,,nooooo ,,,,,,as for holes in walls ,,,,,we have to get 3 estimates ,,,carpet assessor can't come until 22nd ,,,,,it dosent end there ,,,,son in law returned tonight to bring in two chairs for us ,,,,,checked the leak ,,,,,,yes your right ,,,,still leaking ,,,,so ,,,gas man must return tomorrow ,,,,

Fed up ,,,,annoyed,,,,,grumpy ,,,exhausted,,,,and a hole lot more ,,,,I'm now in bed ,,,,wish I could stay in bed for a week ,,,I don't want another week like the last one ,,,,

I know there are millions of people a lot worse off than me ,,,illness included ,,,,,but I just wanted to gave a good old moan ,,,,,about a week that should have been lovely ,,,BUT WASNT ,,,,,,,,RANT OVER ,

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  • you have had a rough week fingers crossed you get it all sorted quickly and that next week is a better week take care

  • Haha ,than you ,I do hope so ,I have my lovely grandaughter staying tonight ,bless her ,,,don't worry nanny daddy will sort it out for you ,,,goodnight

  • Hope the rant makes you feel better. I always think it's funny in our situation to say "get it off your chest" 😁. Hope weekend bit better.

    Jan x

  • Thanks granny jan ,,,,, I try to keep calm for hubby's sake ,,,and if I was 40 years younger I probably would,,,,,,,no I wouldn't ,,,,who am I kidding ,,I just hate to see the house in such a mess ,,,end of this rant ,,,see what tomorrow brings ,hope fully a better day ,haha,,,,,,night ,

  • Oh you have my sympathy I had a week like that 3 weeks ago and still not sorted out yet. When things go wrong the bills mount up so quickly no matter how careful you have been with insurance etc

  • I hope you get sorted out soon to ,,,,I just can't believe the £350 excess ,,,I thought it was £100 ,,,,but in the small print it clearly states water claims are £350 exses ,I will be shopping around when rental is due ,my sister had a water tank burst while they were away ,3 months work untold damage was told so far it would have cost her £15,000,,,,,,she only had to pay £100 exses,,,,,that's with the bank house insurance ,,,,,hope we both get our money's worth and sorted very soon ,goodnight ,

  • My sympathies,from an ardent tennis fan!

    My water heater had to get fixed this week,$$,then I had to have new tyres for the car$$,car serviced more $$,to top it all off,found a bill for the car insurance to be paid next week! Think I will hibernate with you! xxx

  • We could with what we will have spent ,,,,and Rafa was knocked out of tennis ,,,,I was gutted ,

  • Yes,I love Raffa too.Glad to see Serana out of finals,time for someone else! 2 Italian girls into it,the one that beat Serina was not even seeded,good luck to her!!

  • Hi ,well no sleep last night ,,,,thinking about water all night ,,,,haven't been down stairs yet to check every where is dry etc ,I'll wait for hubby to say yeh or oh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!,even though the sky is fixed now i was sooooo tired and haven't watch it yet ,,,I'll watch some on catch up TV later ,hubby will be pleased that Serena is out would have loved yo watch that match ,,,,I'll try to see if that's on you tube sometime as catch up shows high lights ,the ladies final will nice to watch two Italians eh ,,,,but don't forget ,,,,,,,it was an Italian that knocked out Rafa ,,,,Foginni ,haha, did you read that Rafa's grandad has died they were very close his name was Rafeal to ,he's such a lovely family man isn't he ,I read his book a couple of years ago and he said something like ,,,Tennis is my sport ,,my chosen profession ,,,,but after a bad day at the office I can go home to my family who are my world ,my life ,my everything ,,,,a The Nadal family must be so proud of him ,he's a great ambassador for tennis and Spain ,

    Well I haven't heard hubby screaming so I think I'll take a chance and go down stairs ,,,,,fingers crossed ,lol,

  • Hope you are soon sorted. Why do things go wrong in threes or more.?

  • I really don't know ,,,,but I hope the saying is right and nothing else goes wrong ,,,,fingers crossed ,,,,about to venture down stairs ,,,,hope everywhere is dry ,,,,

  • Oh dear! Hope next week's better.

  • Hi there ,thankyou ,,,,,I wanted this new carpet for a few months now ,I was excited ,,,daft I know ,,,,,,but to have my excitement turned into upset and anger ,,,,,well ,,,,,,fingers crossed nothing else will go wrong ,,,,

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