Hi friends,

3 days ago I posted a post about PIP and had a lot of interesting replys, I have since been given contact details to call a gentleman and make an appointment to see him, I have been told he is excellent in helping people make benefit claims and advising people what you are entitled to as i feel i have lost out on so much, so fingers crossed and I will keep you all posted.

Have a nice day all xxx

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  • So pleased you have someone too help you with the form

    Take care


  • Good luck. It is a daunting task, filling inthe form and doing the interview so I am glad you have somebody to help you. Basically you can't do anything on the form and suffer with anxiety over travelling, mixing socially etc. When I went through the process I was surprised to find out how much I struggled with anxiety in addition to my physical problems. Many of us either avoid the anxiety making situation or struggle through it, not wanting to make a fuss.

  • Pleased to hear you are getting help with your form.

  • Good luck! 😁 glad you have some help it can be daunting filling in these forms!😁 x

  • This is great Kazz60, it would be good to know who this chap is so we can refer our callers on to him for help with applications.



  • Good news Kazz. It will make the whole process much less stressful for you. Good luck hun.


  • Good luck

  • That sounds promising, all the best. I am expecting a reassessment form soon. Could you possibly let me know who the gentleman is or which organisation he represents? Thanks xxx stillmovin

  • Hi stillmovin, i will let you know who he is after i have spoken to him, i was told he is only available 3 days a week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, i will put a post up hun xx

  • Good Luck Sweet

  • Thank you Gary

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