My Gym

My Gym

Its Spring here and harvest season for the coffee. This pic is what is called the wet mill. Coffee is machine harvested off the 80,000 trees and processed using water and then dried in big tumble driers in the shed. It all has to happen on the day so the coffee fruit doesn't ferment etcetera (there can be 15-30 harvest days all up) These can be very long days. Wish us luck! Going up and down those ladders is bound to help my breathing.

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  • Looks to be a very interesting 'gym' but difficult. Good luck.

  • Thanks. We did a 12 hr day on Tuesday, which was first harvest day. We ran about 5 tonne of 'cherry' off the trees. It was a big test for me as my body is not the same anymore since last year; some chronic pain and fatigue in my shoulders and arms, so I was very sore next day :)

  • Great pic.Dont overdo the climbing up & down,or it might not be to good for the breathing! Take care xx

  • For sure, but you do realise this is the best coffee on earth that we are aiming for: no compromising quality... or health

  • good luck where do you live , the chair made me laugh all the big machinery and the little chair siting there is that for the boss to sit and sun him self watching you going up and down lol ,

  • Ha! The chair is the laboratory. I am in Australia.

  • I claim the chair! I did not spot it at first but it would be a great place to sit and wait for my coffee.

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