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Hello one and all

Sorry I have been away for so long but so much has been going on and just when you think you are sorted whoops well I got that wrong. I have been keeping an eye on the site and have dropped a line to Suzy (w) and pleased that with all that is happening she is staying positive (that's my girl).

I saw the oncologist yesterday and I just had that feeling things were not in order and she has told me that the cancer is on the move in both lungs so its back to more treatment, I am starting off with a daily dose of Tarceva 150mg which is like chemo in a pill with similar side effects and see my lovely oncologist every 3 weeks to see what's happening, if these do not work I will be back on main line chemo. Oh well time will tell but as I have always said we all must remain positive and keep that smile going. Please bare with me I will pop in as and when able, as I am trying to get a lot done while the going is good.

Love to one and all of you lovely lot.

Love Fred aka Smiler (These are for the girls) XXXX

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Hi Fred, so lovely to see you back, you've been greatly missed. Sorry things not going so well, don't know how you keep such a positive attitude sometimes, you're an inspiration to us all. I just hope the treatment will make a difference, and help you to start picking up again.

Love and hugs,

Christine. XXX


Thanks Christine xx

Good to hear from you Fred. so sorry the cancer is acting up again! stay strong and think positive...we are all pulling for you. Jackie

Cheers Jackie xx

Hi Fred, great to hear from you although not with the best news for you. Can only hope that the treatment works for you and quickly. Thinking of you and sending hugs. Take care xx

Thanks Lyn I like the hugs xx

Great to hear from you Fred I to am sorry the caner is acting up again but I like positive attitude so hope everything goes well for you yes please keep in touch when you can Fred take care

Thanks for that Jimmy pal

Hi Fred, it's lovely you hear from you. I'm sorry you are still having setbacks with the cancer. I hope this time, the treatment does it's job. Your fighting spirit is amazing.

Take care. xx

Thanks casper your a star xx

Dear Fred what a tonic to hear from you๐Ÿ˜! Good to hear you sounding positive despite the setbacks , you and Suzy are always in my thoughts and prayers , sending love and hugs Smiler, huff xxxooo๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜


huff thanks for having me and Suzy in you thoughts and prayers as I said earlier I love getting hugs xxooxx

HI Fred,

Its lovely to hear from you, and I know a few of us have been wondering how you are getting on.

Sorry you are having setbacks, but hey, you have beaten this thing for years now, and I am sure you have that same fighting determined spirit in you to give the cancer a good kick in the emm teeth and a black eye.

Keep fighting, and I hope the health situation in your family has improved. Just be gentle with yourself and I hope the chemo tablets do the business.

lots of extra warm snuggly hugs,

Huggs xxx :)


Hi there Huggs your right its now 9 years since I first had the cancer and thought it was sleeping but its well and truly awake now and active in both the lung which is a bother, but yes I will stay positive.I have not had one of your extra warm snuggly hugs for ages.

Love Fred xxxxxx :) :)

Hi Fred,

Yes, you have been fighting a long time, and I am so saddened to hear that it is awakened in both your lungs, but if anyone can do it, you can with the right treatment and a good medical team behind you, and of course you have all your HU family right beside you too.

I know it must be a really difficult time for you and your family, but you are not alone, and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Be gentle with yourself, take it easy and keep smiling, and as leelee says, if you don't feel like smiling then we will do it for you.

Sending you love, good wishes and extra huge snuggly, warm hugs to help you along. :)

Huggs xxxx :)

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Fred, it's so lovely to hear from you again! I'm sending the biggest and best of positive thoughts for your recovery from this latest set-back. Your positive attitude is so inspirational and has helped so many of us - if the love and support from here has anything to do,with it, you'll soon be back on top form. Jan xxx

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Cheers Jan I could feel the warmth coming through from you all, if the cancer was not scared before it will be now with all your help. xxx Fred :)

Hiya Fred,so sorry to hear about your set-back you sir are an inspiration to us all,keep up the spirit pop in when you can God bless you my friend,sending you healing hugs naresh62

naresh thanks pal for the healing hugs. Fred :)

Hi my sweetheart sailor

You are fighting to keep afloat and keep up the fight my cabin mate.

We have weathered a few storms but we can swim! keep fighting my friend.

So many stories still to share - we miss you.

Kindest regards and big hugs

Your sea pal SK

Hey Ho and up she rises, and how is my lovely kracker ?Its true we have weathered a few storms and the people on this site have helped by calming the sea's. How is your lovely daughter getting on with her studies?

Right you are look after yourself thanks for the hugs, your cabin mate(chance would be a fine thing) lol xx :)

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Oh dear Fred I had a feeling you weren't well again. It's very good to see you back though despite this. Fingers crossed the chemo pill works and get rid of or at least control that terrible C. I have missed my neighbour... Lots of Hugs love xx

Well hello there nearish neighbour, yes its a menace its come back the way it has, but will carry on the fight. Hope things have sorted out for you, keep smiling, Hugs coming back to you. Fred xx :)

Hi Fred, bloody cancer! When you don't feel like smiling I'll be doing it for you darling man. The girl from Oz. Xxxxx

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Hi there Leelee hearing from you all the way down there brings a smile to my face Xxxx Fred :)

God bless you Fred, stay strong my friend. as always Neo.

Thanks Neo :)

Nice to hear from you Fred. Just a shame that you don't have prettier words. So it is back to fighting talk and repelling all boarders. Hope the new meds prove to be effective ammo and I hope that the side - effects are not too awful.

Thanks for that I intend to give the blighters a full broadside given half the chance. cheers Fred :)

You are an amazing man Fred and a great inspiration to us all. You will beat this cancer with your determination, positivity and smiles.


Cheers Tony yes staying positive and the smile is still there but slips a little at times. Right Time for a sleep will reply to the other lovely people a bit later. Fred :)

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Hiya Fred :) really good to see you posting. Love your positive spirit, I miss you! Sending you big big hugs xoxox

Thanks our little kiwichick whaw that was a lovely great big hug, just what I needed. xxxxoooxxx Fred :)

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Hi Fred ,good to hear from you,I pinched one of your kisses in a manly hug sort of way hope you don,t mind.Glad to hear you,re staying positive as we all must.Best of luck.D.

Nice one D yes we all have to be positive and smile. :)

great to here from you fred, not the best of news,

keep posting, keep positive, above all, keep smiling

i've been thinking of you [and suz. ]"smiler " on many occasions,

i hope/pray things improve,

best regards

jimmy :)

Thanks jimmy your a good man and thanks for the prayer its bound to help, cheers Fred :)

Dear, dear Fred - I think we hav realised that things must have been difficult for you as you have not posted much in a while. So sorry to hear that you are back on chemo by pills and hope they do the trick for you. Just a delight to see your smiling face this morning.

Thank you so much for the wishes stay safe. :) ;)

Good morning dear Fred, So pleased to hear from you, what a disappointment for you that things aren't a lot better, do hope the pills work their magic. Hope your girls are all ok, very best wishes, Bulpit

Thanks the girls are holding in there, the eldest is getting weaker but refuses to give in, she is a fighter and still getting to the hospital for work.

Fred :) :)

Oh no Fred, I am so sorry about your eldest daughter, She obviously takes after her Dad, Being a fighter ,and not giving up, do hope things will soon improve, It's bad enough when things go wrong for Mum or Dad, but really awful when it's your children. How are you doing? Hope you Sunday goes ok, Very best wishes, Bulpit

Wishing you an early improvement while taking your new treatments. Best wishes Joyce.

Many thanks Joyce, love the photo. :)

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Hi my lovely Pal and Fighter. We will fight on together united we stand. Just you and me Fred, against the invader.

My goals are set Christmas, Sophie, my granddaughters birthday in January and my big Australian family are have a get together between Christmas and Easter. Whilst I can't be there I want to see all the photos and hear all about it.

Well my screams shouts swearing stamping feet sulking fits over now Fred, I'm on the up up up. Just want the Biopsy over as I'm not too keen on them.

Good lad Fred trying to get a lot done. I have gone the other way adopted the attitude it can wait. wrong I know but I just can't be bothered.

Hope the tablets don't cause you to much distress and give encouraging results.

A thought Fred my Oncologist is a Lady the one at my local Hospital is a Lady and they are the most caring, friendly people I could wish to meet. Is yours a Lady?

Love Suzy(W)xxx

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Yes Suzy(W) my lovely oncologist is a lady and a real charmer we have become friends over the years and each time I have been in hospital she has visited to check on me. Yes pal we will stand back to back and fight the cancers. No problem there as to what's planned for next year we can both handle that, at least I have finished the bathroom and the kitchen, I need to work on the garden but having to wear heavy gloves and have my skin covered and a hat on tends to put me off getting on with it. Also I have finished building the fences and the 3 gates for Kate my daughter as that makes her bungalow more secure, I did all those jobs as I had a funny feeling that something was going on as the cough got worse. Anyway enough of the gloom time I went into town and smile at strangers and see who smiles back.

Love and hugs to you Suzy aka (W) XXX


Thank you all for the lovely words and your hugs, this is the worst it has been for a few years and all I can hope for this time is that they are able to slow the growth in both the lungs to give me time to sort every thing out I will need to do, sorry if you think I am being negative but believe me my lovely friends I am still being positive as in the past the tumours had remained small but now they are on the move and growing up and spreading their wings, but hay ho anything can happen between now and then so its life as normal, but sorting those things out that we all know needs doing and keep putting off.

Now as for our Lyn if you happen to have access to face book you will find her lovely photo's on there under Lynette Evans when I spoke with her a short while ago she is getting there slowly.

Right my friends love and hugs Fred (Smiler)


Bless you Smiler :) xx

:) :) :) :) :)

Good your way sir!

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Cheers Bernard :)

H Fred,

Lovely to hear from you, hope they can find the right treatment to get rid of those tumours. One day at a time, nobody knows what the future may hold and your positive attitude helps everyone. Best wishes to all your family. Love Iris x

Oh thanks for that Iris xx :)

Please look after yourself love and best wishes

Dorothy xx

Thanks for the love and wishes Dorothy xx :)

Lovely to see you back here, Fred. Just sorry you don't have better news. Wishing you all the best.

Lots of kisses back to you Fred - the news sucks, but I'm sure your positive attitude will help keep you going for a long time yet - pop in whenever you can because it's always great to hear from you and see your smiling face - all best wishes xxxxxx

Thanks for the kisses and hope your right with your statement, but will try my hardest to make it happen. Love Fred xxxx :) :)

Hi Fred,lovely to see you posting again,but sad to hear of your struggles xxx

You have such a fighting spirit though,& please God,you will get some relief with the new tablets.

We have all been missing & thinking of you,

Love & gentle hugs,

Wen xxxxx

Wen your a lovely person and its good to be hearing from you and the rest of the clan again. Will be remaining positive.

Love and a big hug coming your way. xxx :)

Thanks for not blowing me kisses. You are beautifully down to earth. It is inspiring sir.

Fred lovely to hear from you, though sorry it's not under happier circumstances, I'm sure you will fight it. Keep your positive attitude! xx

Sheila doing as you asked "Keeping positive attitude as of now"

xxxFred :)

Hi holly

I'm not sure we have spoken before I have severe COPD and lung cancer. My tumour is currently contained in one lung but has grown considerably so I start radiotherapy for the second time this week. Anyway this is not about me I just wanted to give you an insight. I too am on Tarceva and have been for 9 months now. I have tolerated the drug well the only side effect being diorrehea!

I wish you lots of luck and hope you get on ok. Carole xx


Carole your a Gem with a capital G thank you so much for telling me about yourself and how you are handling the Tarceva I think I said I am on 150mg. I hope that all goes well for you love and that you are another that stays positive and you sound a smiler, take care Love Fred xxx

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Hi Fred, great to see you post, only just popped in and saw it. Sorry about your cancer news, i hope things go well for you. I am holiday at present, sat in the back of the car being driven to Slimbridge. Love Margaret x

Hello Margaret hope you are enjoying your holiday.

Fred xxx

God bless. You are an inspiration to us all.

Thanks Snodgrass :)

Hi Fred it is so good to see you back, so sorry your news was not good I hope the medication works well for you. You are so brave.

take care

polly xx

Hi there polly I am not brave love I am just poorly. Keep smiling.

Fred xxx :)

Fred sweetheart it is soooo lovely to see you posting - you have been missed my friend. I am sorry you did not get the news you had hoped for but I am hoping sooo much that this medication proves to be very beneficial to you.

In no way do I think you are negative at all - you are being realistic and as always very positive. It is good news that Maccas has tolerated Tarceva for quite a while now and must be a great help you can communicate with Maccas and Suzy.

Thanks for the lovely kisses and they are coming right back to you with hugs.

With loads of love


Thanks for the wishes, its good that there is now Maccas (Carole) who is on the same treatment and will be there if I have a question and then there is Suzy my other positive smiling pal.

More kisses on there way xxx :)

Hi Fred lovely to see you just keep on fighting you are made of stronger stuff take care xx

I do not know about stronger stuff just love life. :)

Fred xxx

Sorry to hear your news. Sending positive thoughts take care.

Maggie xx

Hi there Fred, just got back from Holidays, lovely to see your smiling face and hear your usual optimism. Sorry the news is not brilliant like the sun, but guess it is time to cherish each day as it comes and make the most of it . :) :) will keep smiling just for you , and I am sure the nurses will keep you in good spirits or if not you will not be best pleased will you ?? Every best wish Kate xx

Thanks Kate good to hear from you as well, hope you had a great time, yes you must keep smiling and enjoy life, as for the nurses leave them to me. Fred xxx :)

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Lovely to hear from you, but not that health news, positivity wins. The great northern run today, lots of people fighting for you, my face book friend vannesa is running for the blf. Also there's the bestival at the iow. We've had some nice weather,I bought myself portable oxy so I can get out along the beach more, you can get out of shape so easy, but it sounds like u have been busy in the house. Well I do hope the tabs work for you ,lots of prayer will do the job,so you don't have to endure more poison meds... I'm still battling with my setee,so warm n comfortable I never want to leave it. I must as I get too under active . I will look for Lynn on face book. Bye for now,have a nice day.xxx lots of lovely things to eat. Bonniex

Thanks Bonnie your a love. xxxxFred

Hello there my Bonnie lady, that's really good news that you are able to get out onto the beach. Now you must have a word with that setee and tell it to let you get up. Hope you managed to find Lyn.

Look after yourself love Fred XXXX :)

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So lovely to hear from you Fred but what a bummer that big C is. You just go and knock it for six won't you. We are all routing for you here and love to see you anytime you can drop in.

Wishing you well and thinking of you lots.

Keep smiling and kisses back to you too, assuming I am one of the girls! xxx :)

Carole you are one of the girls without a doubt so here are some more xxx :)

Dear Fred, I am sorry to hear your news, but pray that you will be able to fight it for much much longer. I admire your strength and attitudexxx

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