A Peaceful Nights Sleep...I Wish!

Up half the night or so it seemed...Himself had bought that feckin' horrible cheap tinned food for the dogs again...told him not to, but will he listen...

It doesn't affect Eilis...she just lies next to me snoring her head off and twitching occasionally...but Bobby and Millie get the runs.

And they need to go outside now this minute otherwise there'll be a seriously disgusting mess to clear up...never mind the stench.

I buy proper Indian incense sticks from the supermarket because they don't interfere with my breathing...bet we get through half a dozen a day when the dogs have Butchers Choice for supper...not, I add hastily, because they poo on the floor in the daytime, but because their bottom burps have to be smelt to be believed.

I can hear you wondering why we don't sling the doors and windows wide open...'cos of the kittens you see. It's a big bad world out there and I want them to wait 'til they're older before they tackle the great outdoors...having the sitting room window open doesn't make much difference to the smells.

If they aren't desperate for a poo, they throw up instead...sometimes they do both...

Himself lies on his side where his deaf ear is outwards and his reasonably good ear is pressed into the pillow...I shout from the settee...shout again...wait a second or so...shout again and have a coughing fit and then need a wee and either Bobby or Millie, or sometimes the both of them, are standing by the door with their legs crossed looking pitiful...Himself finally wakes up and comes through to let them out.

I don't do the doors you see...we have a sort of lobby built on the back of the cottage which has seriously dodgy doors that try as I might I can't get to grips with...the locks and bolts are weird and rusty and there's often enormous green slugs sliding across the floor...they slurp down the chimney. Used to be a wash boiler in there. I think.

Can do the front door...that's not a problem...but I don't want shitty heaps out the front thank you all the same.

Going into the bathroom means that Mollie whizzes past me into the sitting-room at a hundred miles an hour while Murphy opens one eye and goes straight back to sleep...

Bobby sees mad axe-men out among the shadows and begins to bark so that sets Millie off and the dogs next door that way, and the other dogs the other side and sometimes you can hear Marys German Shepherds begin to howl and they live a mile away. As the crow flies.

Then a car goes past and that makes them all bark again and my neighbour will say it was drug dealers and the neighbour on the other side says it's a courting couple and 'god love them, there's few enough places to go for a bit of how's your Father...'

Mollie is sitting bolt upright on the table...the dogs come back in again and Himself makes me a nice cup of tea.

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  • Thank goodness for that cup of tea ♥♥♥

  • Oh vashti, how descriptive made me laugh especially as I'm feeling down today thank you xx

  • I've said it before, never a dull moment in your house,lol

  • Wow, what a night! Reading that is better than watching the telly, can't waIt for the next episode! Seriously tho', I hope you get a decent nights sleep tonight.😴

  • Hahaha.....you are a true story teller. Wonderful!

  • Wonderful stories, you have a super way with words. Hope you get some sleep tonight xx

  • same as me been up half the night :)

    annoying,but never mind

    good reading,

    jimmy :)

  • Wow Vashti that is some night you had there! Tell Himself not to buy that dog food and then stick a post it note somewhere where he can readily see it every time he goes out to buy the food. Not nice to have poo everywhere and no good him turning a deaf ear either.

    Bless you, dogs, cats and all. Take care xxxx

  • Priceless, all pet owners will identify with this?

  • Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea!

  • Our biggest cat, makes smelly poos. Soon as we clean the tray and put down new litter, the wee devil goes and christens it. Always had house cats due to busy road. My neighbour has lost so many. :(

    Window in the room with litter tray, does open wide for scents to escape. We have the original wood framed windows, let us staple firm wire net across open space. Have to do a bit of jiggling with a fork to open catch on window. Long string tied to locking handle allows us to pull window in, to shut again. Bit of a faff at first, but well used to it now.

  • Vashti you do make my days or mostly my nights..I chuckle out loud while reading your posts..and also ride along while you're describing the country side or something else.. I live in Houston, Texas USA..I have severe COPD and live with my son and his family here..life is mostly good and I've been greatly blessed. I have my 2 cats with me and my son's gang has 3, a total of 5 cats and one wonderful dog, we do have poop as well, besides the 'bottom burps' (never heard that one before)..anyway you and the rest of 'my' British gang have given me many good laughs and also a lot of information..Ya'all are a 'Hoot'..Thank you one and all..I'm off to Arizona on Sunday, I'll be giving stem cell therapy a try, the Dr has said it's time to check about getting on the transplant list but I do want to try stem cells first..I will post after I get the stem cells and report on my progress..it's said that it'll take a couple of weeks before you realize any difference..with only 23% of lung use any increase will be great..you guys all take care and I'll be back soon. Wendy Gilbert USA

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