Static Electricity and Oxygen

I just went on oxygen two months ago and am worried as I have so much static electricity when the weather gets cool. Just pulling back bedcovers at night sends sparks flying. Years ago I could change channels on TV by just walking into the room. My grandchildren and great grandchildren get zapped when I kiss them and touching door knobs and car handles actually hurt. What I'm worried about is setting oxygen on fire. It's one thing if it's just me but another if I was kissing a grand baby and this happened. Does anyone know if this has ever happened??? My oxygen supplier pooh poohed it but it's still in the back of my mind. Can anyone put my mind to rest? Thank you.

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  • I am sorry never of that but I am sure somebody will come along to try and answer your question

  • Oxygen itself is not inflammable, but it can cause other materials that burn to ignite more easily and to burn far more rapidly.

    Avoid nylon or woolen clothing. Clothing and bed linen made of cotton materials will avoid sparks from static electricity. Use a humidifier if the air in your house is dry.

  • Thank you for replies.

  • Hi, years ago the Fire Brigade came and gave a talk to our Breathe Easy group.

    You could try contacting your local station, they may come to your house to advise and talk about your fears about static electricity.

    They are the experts and they answered lots of our questions at the meeting.

    I touched a friend the other day and gave myself a shock, it also happened when I touched the counter in the bank and shouted and frightened the cashier.

    But I am not on oxygen., I am sure they would help .

  • My oxygen supplier pooh poohed my concern so maybe I'm worrying about nothing. That's a good idea too calling our local fire department to check it out. Thank you.

  • If you are worried it worth getting reassurance from the Fire Brigade...they answered all sorts of questions at the Breathe Easy...

    I find cold dry atmosphere and man made fibres make my static worse.

    Best wishes

  • A static spark will not ignite. Even the muzzle flash of a pistol will not ignite your oxygen.

    If you really worry ask you local Fire & Rescue Dept. Rib

  • Oxygen cannot be ignited and will not burn. It acts as an accelerate to anything else which is burning.

  • Thanks for all your comments. I'll just put it out of my mind.

  • In answer to sparks fly. I too do that and my family finds it hard to believe so I didn`t try telling anyone else if they think we are daffy. I know when I pull up the bed covers it lights up the room like a tiny little flash. Scary. I am on oxygen 24/.7. So far no fires.

  • you have made me feel MUCH better. how long have you been on? i'm on for 2 months. need it day and night EXCEPT when i'm sitting so i do get a little break.

  • Jarc13 I have been on Oxygen for 2 plus years-I think. My memory about dates is really shot. Therefore it could be 3 years plus. Haven`t been on this site for too long. I am in California but looks like the problems and treatment are the same.

  • i had pneumonia in april and it left my lungs impaired. prior to that i used an inhaler maybe once every few months as quitting cigarettes 15 years before had left me with a touch of asthma. to my dumfoundment my oxygen dropped every time i got up so after testing they put me at stage 4 copd and put me on advair twice daily and on oxygen all the time except during the day when i'm sitting. like all on this site, this all takes some getting used to. but it is what it is...

  • Many years ago when I had my old Ford Escort,a red one ,great little car,I somehow managed to snap the key for the petrol tank off in the lock.Took to the garage who said all we can do is bore it out with a drill,take about half an hour.Ok said I and went to the shop round the corner.When I came back there was the young mechanic with the drill boring away but I was shocked to see a fag dangling from his lips,"you,re going to blow the place up " said I " nah mate this won,t light the petrol,Don,t worry we did it at college" Turned out he was right,although it,s not something I would do.Why do they have "NO SMOKING" signs on petrol station forcourts? Because the fumes could ignite.So would take the advice and have a word with you local Fire BrigadeI,m sure they,d be happy to advise you and it would be good that they are aware that you use oxygen.Good luck D.

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