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Hello I am still going on about this ongoing problem I'm afraid! Since the end of July, coinciding with my Pulmonary Rehab course, my breath has been stopping quite high up in my chest and I have to give a dry cough. It is happening when I'm talking too. It's awful when I wake up in the morning and just carries on all day. Hardly any phlegm is being produced, even with respiratory breathing exercises & drinking lots of water. I had my oxygen taken by the consultant last week and he said it was 100% (I found that hard to believe, in fact I am starting to be dubious about all my doctors now!!!). I have bronchiectasis and this is the first time I have had this problem, normally it is just an infection in the winter. At first my GP said it sounded like bronchitis, then yesterday, she said my breathing sounded clear. I was a bit knocked back by that as I cannot get a full breath in without coughing. The consultant didn't mention anything, just to say my bronchiectasis has spread. It isn't relieved by my new rescue inhaler Salomol. I have never had to use one before and it doesn't seem to be the answer for this. I have been on various antibiotics because of this and will finish my Co-amoxiclav today. The consultant gave me this just in case I was having an infection. There has been no change in this breathing problem the whole time I have been on antibiotics. Is this typical of bronchiectasis? I was only diagnosed in 2010 and had the usual symptoms that most people talk about on this forum, but this is different and it is not going. I am trying to think about the root cause. It came at the time I was doing the PR course, also at the time we had very hot and then very wet weather and it also coincided with me taking Lymecycline antibiotics for my facial dermatitis. I have still two more months of Lymecline to take yet. Has anyone had any similar side-effects on their breathing with this particular antibiotic? I am clutching at straws but I don't think it is bronchitis. HELP. xxxxx

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  • Hi, I have just checked it the same as Salbutamol or Ventolin?

    I was just wondering if you were told to take it regularly or just when you are short of breath.

  • Hi Knitter, the brand name is Salamol CFC-Free (100mcg) and the technical name is Salbutamol. The prescription is 'inhale one to two puffs up to four times a day as required'.

    I have only used it a couple of times in the morning and I was expecting a quick opening of the airways but no effect. This short catching of breath and then dry cough is very strange for me. My sats are really good apparently and I don't feel really out of breath when I walk or do exercise (not as good as before I had bronchiectasis and COPD of course, but that is normal for us). It is worrying, especially as the GP isn't helpful and I don't think now that it has been an infection.

    Thanks for reading all this bumpff by the way....! You are the only person to reply to my long tirade above and I think I have just about exhausted everyone on this forum with all of this. I am not surprised as I am exhausting myself!!!!! xx stillmovin

  • Hi bronchiectatics and COPDers (and all others of course...) I am replying to myself. That is probably a first on the forum! I thought I ought to as only one patient person was brave enough to offer a reply to my question, which on re-reading it above, I am not surprised, as it certainly is a long one!!!!! Apologies for that.

    Just wanted to find someone who had the same problem and to see if it ever went away, and if so, how.

    xx stillmovin

  • Hi,stillmovin1, no problem at all...I googled Salamol to see if it was Ventolin that's all.

    And I wondered if you had been prescribed it as a regular daily medication or just as a reliever when you get breathless.

    Do you use a spacer with it and has your technique been observed. Sometimes a puff can hit the back of the throat and make you cough.

    That said I have a problem with some inhalers ...they can make me cough.

    Do you use a preventer inhaler as well, or a combined one?

    If you live in the UK , the BLF helpline can offer advice. I have asthma/COPD not bronchiecstatis though.

  • Hi knitter. The problem is not that I have this short breath when I breathe in occasionally, but for every time I breathe in. I think a rescue inhaler is not the answer for this particular problem. I am worrying now that I may be getting asthma as I live in a very polluted area and as I am in social housing I cannot just buy my way into a nice home. It is so awful the whole thing!xxxxx

  • I use salamol inhaler, it's called salamol easibreathe. It's salbutamol & a reliever just the same as ventolin. It's an easy inhaler to take as the name suggests. I was having problems using the standard Ventolin inhaler & my GP suggested I try this & ive never looked back! It's breath actuated & you don't have to learn the technique of pressing inhaler & breathing in at the same time, which I just couldn't master. It's so simple, just take a deep breath & inhale slowly. Maybe this will help. Since you are breathing in deeply, all the medicine goes into your lungs & not to the back of your throat.

  • Thanks Jessy1 I will note that down for my visit to the consultant. I hope I am not developing asthma as well as all the others. I do live in a very dusty, polluted road and it has been concerning me for a long time but it is affordable social housing and I cannot work. I don't seem to have much choice. All this is a big worry to me! Stillmovin.

  • Stillmovin 1 The dust. That`s a pain. I ordered some Vog masks rated N95 &N99. They are cloth and can be washed. I like to dampen one and wear it. Dry it is so hot. You might be better off using the mask when you are up and around. We are still having fires not as bad tho as earlier in the summer. It was real smelly and hazy for months. Just a thought.

  • Thanks pattylusk - where did you get these masks? I may look into that. I am also concerned that I am breathing in stuff from the road outside my flat during the night and early morning, as the lorries and buses run throughout the night and early morning traffic is usual. I have a hepa air filter or air purifier which I run during the night but my bedroom still seems to be a dust trap and I notice the outside bedroom window gets very dusty within a few days of it being washed!!!! stillmovin

  • StillMoving1 I googled Vog and ordered on line. I think it was about 20 dollars. Good Luck.

  • Yes it will do no harm to mention it to your consultant. I find this inhaler very easy to use & I'm sure you would too. Take care

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