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Happy happy happy

Happy happy happy

Oh I just had to let you all know.. After months of waiting today I was taken to the hospital to pick up my new leg brace.

Apparently it's a prototype to see if it helps, and if it does they will custom make me one that will bend at the knee when I want to. I have to try it out for 3-4 weeks.

With my knee out of action, since January this year it's been a nightmare coping. I am just so happy to be given the brace as I hope it does help. It's rigid, so will stop my leg giving way when walking with crutches.

If your not aware I have osteoarthritis in this knee and since having an MRI recently they tell me I have just a tiny bit of cartilege left and the bones are grinding on both sides of the knee. It's basicall had it!! They tell me I need a new knee.. But until the doctors decide what they are going to do with me with all my other complications, I am pleased to try the prototype leg brace.

Oh yes and the antibiotics have finally kicked in and my breathing is much better :)

Sorry not sure why the darn photo is sidewards?

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Well done & good luck

Glad things are going your way at last hope the leg brace helps

Take care

Hugs and best wishes with new brace.

Lovely to have good news for you.

At long last a bit of good news for you. Good luck with the brace ♥

Great news. Rum old world we live in on this forum, isn't? (Not that sort of rum, Tam) Where would coming home looking like a cross between Michelin man and an extra from 'Carry on Nurse' cause rejoicing? Here, of course. Very glad for you. Hope that other things get sorted too.

Love and hugs

K xxx

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We don't ask for much, do we. sometimes all it takes to make us feel so much better is a bit of care and attention. Well done, keep smiling, things can only get better, we hope! Love Iris x

Pleased you are feeling better & hope the leg brace helps. X

Thats good news. Hope it works well for you.


Lovely to read your good news, good luck with the brace I hope it makes a huge difference!

Good luck :)

Good luck with that, I'm sure every little helps. take care x

Wonderful news! xxx

One black one.

One white one.

Don't know how the rest of that ditty goes

and one with a bit of s---e on, my father-in-law used to sing that song.

hahahaha. NOW I remember. I wont go any further tho chopsticks

Progress on one front, let's hope it is followed by others.

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