Happy happy happy

Happy happy happy

Oh I just had to let you all know.. After months of waiting today I was taken to the hospital to pick up my new leg brace.

Apparently it's a prototype to see if it helps, and if it does they will custom make me one that will bend at the knee when I want to. I have to try it out for 3-4 weeks.

With my knee out of action, since January this year it's been a nightmare coping. I am just so happy to be given the brace as I hope it does help. It's rigid, so will stop my leg giving way when walking with crutches.

If your not aware I have osteoarthritis in this knee and since having an MRI recently they tell me I have just a tiny bit of cartilege left and the bones are grinding on both sides of the knee. It's basicall had it!! They tell me I need a new knee.. But until the doctors decide what they are going to do with me with all my other complications, I am pleased to try the prototype leg brace.

Oh yes and the antibiotics have finally kicked in and my breathing is much better :)

Sorry not sure why the darn photo is sidewards?

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  • Well done & good luck

  • Glad things are going your way at last hope the leg brace helps

    Take care

  • Hugs and best wishes with new brace.

  • Lovely to have good news for you.

  • At long last a bit of good news for you. Good luck with the brace ♥

  • Great news. Rum old world we live in on this forum, isn't? (Not that sort of rum, Tam) Where would coming home looking like a cross between Michelin man and an extra from 'Carry on Nurse' cause rejoicing? Here, of course. Very glad for you. Hope that other things get sorted too.

    Love and hugs

    K xxx

  • We don't ask for much, do we. sometimes all it takes to make us feel so much better is a bit of care and attention. Well done, keep smiling, things can only get better, we hope! Love Iris x

  • Pleased you are feeling better & hope the leg brace helps. X

  • Thats good news. Hope it works well for you.


  • Lovely to read your good news, good luck with the brace I hope it makes a huge difference!

  • Good luck :)

  • Good luck with that, I'm sure every little helps. take care x

  • Wonderful news! xxx

  • One black one.

    One white one.

    Don't know how the rest of that ditty goes

  • and one with a bit of s---e on, my father-in-law used to sing that song.

  • hahahaha. NOW I remember. I wont go any further tho chopsticks

  • Progress on one front, let's hope it is followed by others.

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