All change,yet again!

All change,yet again!

Ok,Tam get the rum bottle and a glass the rest of you get your preferred beverage and make yourself comfy,this might be a long one. First off bye to poor old Charlie,kidneys started to fail,I could,nt get her to eat anything.It turned out she had a tumour growing too.So she,s off to pussy cat dream world,Dizzle seems to miss her,he was very nice to her in the last few days.Sweet dreams Charlie pops. Last week went to the North Mid for my cataract assessment,my right eye is a lot worse so booked in for surgery on the 2 nd of November,looking (sorry) forward to being able to see again. On Saturday got a copy of the letter sent to GP from Brompton consultant.No valves!It seems they reckon I,ve improved so much we,re. Going for LVRS again.Not so much a U turn as a reverse UTurn back up round the corner,across the bridge and down a bit then another U Turn lol. So now I have to look forward to them slicing up my eyes then a few days later slicing bits of my lungs off.Oh what joy! That was nice and quick! Notice I got the picture up the right way? Spun it round in the editing suite and "hey presto " thanks who ever suggested that. Be well chums,happy breathing,a few nicer days ahead I hear woohoo!D.

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  • Well,that,s flaming annoying.Had all that in proper paragraphs,now they just scrunched it all up aaarrrggghhh!👹

  • Lovely pic, I lost a cat a couple of years ago with a tumour, but in pet heaven too with my beautiful dogs. Be careful you don't get caught on camera doing all those u turns :-)

    Good luck with everything hope all goes well.

    jan x

  • They are all in Rainbow Bridge Jan :) x

  • Thanks Jan.D. 💐

  • Sorry about your puddy cat D. As long as they don't get your eyes and lungs mixed up you will be ok :) x

  • Oh Don,t know Cough,a new lens in my right lung might work wonders lol. 🌺 D.

  • aw! Sorry about your cat ...sad when they go. You sound very brave about the hospital. I hope it goes well and they look after you really good and spoil you xxxx piggi x That last sentence probably needs some commas but think you'll get my gist! Supposed to send warm fuzzy friendly vibes anyway x

  • Thank you Piggi,take care.D.

  • That's a very handsome moggy, sorry he's missing his friend.

  • Thanks Mag,D.

  • Sorry about your cat, it's sad to lose s pet but it's gor the best.

    Improved is such a good word Farmer, and it's great you are getting a procedure to improve you a lot more.

    As for the cataracts, my aunt had hers done about 10 years ago and her eyesight is far better than mine and she's 83 yes old.

    Your gonna feel like a new man !!! xx

  • Hi Casper,think I,d prefer a new woman but Don,t tell the wife ( or Mandy lol) Cheers!D.

  • Can beat that record my mom is 91 in February and March of this year has had both eyes done. She said she did not realise how colourful everything was.

  • Ive only just read about LVRS, very pleased youve improved enough for it. I read Royal Brompton pioneered this surgery so youre in experienced hands. Sounds like it will greatly improve your quality of life. Robin

  • It,s a fine hospital Robin,cheers!D.

  • Hi Farmer, sorry about Charlie cat; you Dizzle and Dizzle must miss her. Sounds like good news on the LVRS u turn. It must mean you have improved a lot. Cataract, you will soon be seeing good as new. I got them in both eyes but not bad enough to remove yet. I will have a black sabuca, diet lemonade and soda please. Night, Margaret x

  • Thanks Margaret,it,s an Earl grey for me,three grains of sugar and a dash of milk,lol.Cheers! D. 💐

  • So sorry to hear about Charlie, he will be around you in spirit. My husband has had five eye surgeries. He swears there is nothing to it. Quick and painless. I don't know enough about the other procedure to comment, other than to wish you well.

    Best Wishes Azure :)

  • So very sorry about Charlie. What a sad day for you. Poor Dizzle

    Good luck with your surgery .. my father is gone now. But, he had his eyes done, and no longer needed glasses.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Sorry to hear of your loss of Charlie. Cataracts is just a 2 second sting as the drops go in and that is it. You get one eye done at a time. You can use it immediately and the COLOUR is amazing. They usually do the second eye a fortnight later. Just be good at putting your non stinging drops in for the days after the op. Good luck Rib

  • Sorry about puss,thats sad. Best of luck with your ops.Had my cataracts done a couple of years ago,nice & simple,wonderful to see the colours again, like Rib said!

    Good luck with the lungs,you are going to be a new man!

    hugs,Wen xxx

  • Ps Great pic! xx

  • Sorry for the loss of your beloved little cat. I lost my beloved Slenderella in January - she was 15 and it was kidneys. Take care of yourself.

  • Hi D,

    So sorry about the loss of Charlie, but you will see him again one day. I lost Felix a few weeks ago so I sympathise entirely. Good luck with the surgeries too.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • So pleased you're well enough for LVRS! Getting your eyes sorted too. Things are finally on the up for you health wise. Sorry about Charlie.

  • Sorry about your cat.I hope everything goes well with your operations😊

  • Sorry about you losing Charlie. Good news though about cataract assessment. Not sure about losing the valves to LVRS though - that seems a bit unfair - can't you question it and ask to still go for the valves? Good to hear from you, and glad you still your usual cheerful, funny optimistic self. All best wishes x

  • Sorry to hear about Charlie, our poor puss is unwell at the moment. Her kidneys are troubling her and she has a lump as yet not diagnosed. R.I.P at Rainbow Bridge.

    Good luck with your cataract and LVRS.


  • Well it is all excitement for you. Cataracts are a doddle. The worst for me was having the local anaesthetic. The rest was easy peasy. Just a fiddle putting the drops in afterwards. Take care to clean your eyes well as your surgeon tells you and put the drops in as prescribed - that is most important. As for slicing the lungs up. So far am glad I have so far avoided this but ready for it if needs be. I think my consultant here probably thinks I asked for a referral to UHSM to avoid it but no, was cross with getting nowhere here. Then when the consultant at UHSM Could see the nodule on the x-Ray done in January I was amazed as I was told it was clear!

    Am sure you will be fine. Need to do exactly what you are told to do and you will be fine. Are you having the surgery at the Royal Brompton?

    Good Luck. Sure you will be fine.

  • Sorry you lost Charlie. So sad.

  • Sorry to hear about Charlie. Is that a photo of him? He was gorgeous!

    Good luck with your surgeries. Hopefully it will make such a difference being able to see properly and breathe easier.

    Hope all goes well.


  • Hi Farmer D, sorry for your loss of dear Charlie, best thing to do for her though.

    All the U turns made me dizzy! Hopefully things will work out well for you and you can get all your pictures up the right way from now on. Well done you!

    You take care and wishing you well as always.

    Mine's a G&T. Cheers! xxxx

  • Sorry to read about Charlie, it is so hard when a pet dies as they are such a huge part of family life.

    Sound like you have a busy time coming up, thoughts and hugs are with you throughout and look forward to you keeping us posted on progress 🌻🌈

  • So sorry to hear about Charlie, but she isn't in pain now. All happening with your ops now, bionic man. Good luck.

  • Och farmer, so sorry to hear of your puss. such a lovely photo to remember him though. yes you most def. feel it when you loose an old pet.

    your going through a rough time Farmer, lets hope/pray the eyes turn out ok.

    best wishes my friend


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