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You cannot make up the week I have had!

Sorry I have not been around much... You all won't believe the week I have had!

It started Tuesday when I went to hospital, my GP sent me to get checked out, they did lots of tests including a chest X-ray.... where I found out I had pneumonia, what with my PE's breathing was a bit tricky. So I was given antibiotics and back home I went! I was told after a few days I should feel better.

Come Thursday my breathing was worse just sitting on the sofa, doing nothing! And now I also developed chest pain. Off I went to local A&E... More tests and chest X-ray! Conclusion was that the antibiotics where interfering with my fragmin anticoagulant they changed my antibiotics to a different one. Went back home and rested.

Friday night my mum was admitted to A&E with a heart attack and I have never felt so helpless. I am the one that usually goes in the ambulance with her or my dad. So I was at home waiting for news.

Saturday evening around 8pm I had this wave of sickness come over me and threw up everywhere, and a lot of dark blood came up too. Now I was really frightened as always told any bleeding was bad, could be a sign of an internal bleed. So you guessed to ambulance came and off I went to A&E! I am thankful that the ambulance crew now have my details in their system and know all about my conditions. Again had more tests in hospital, and another X-ray! 3 in one week surely that's not good? They could not explain the bleeding... Put it down to a one off but told me sternly that any other bleeding not to hang about to go straight to A&E.

My mum is getting better, apparently something happened to her pacemaker and was miss firing. They are sorting her out and fingers crossed she should be out back home soon.

As for me.... I am home, but unfortunately my knee (osteoarthritis and no cartlige) is much worse. I don't remember doing anything to it, but the pain, oh it's awful. Any movement and I am back to almost screaming. Then there is the lower back pain and coccyx pain... I went to get up off the sofa a short while ago, I was screaming with pain, I am not really sure what to do. I am currently stilling on the sofa, cannot really move anywhere... I don't want to lay in bed but that is the most comfortable place for me. Getting stuck being bed bound is something I have been fighting ever since I have been able to get up the end of June.

Help wise... Ha ha ok... The GP knows about me...for sure! I am so fed up of waiting and waiting for something to be done to help me I have given up. My husband is on the case and is trying his hardest. I am still waiting for the physio to come out and assess me for a wheelchair, something I really need to get out the house. We have been waiting for over 6 weeks now for that. It makes me laugh as people that are to help us fob us off for weeks on the phone then send a letter out... And all the letter says is, your on the list! Oh I am not after special treatment, no... Not at all. I would just like to get help and getting help is such a drawn out process. Take social services... Our family has been waiting since May this year for them to come out and assess us. Our family is not coping at all... We are all disable one way or another and the basic of things are proving difficult to do now. My husband called them up... We are on the list! I am not really sure what else we can do other than wait and keep waiting. The thing is with me much worse now I am not sure how much longer we can hold things together for?

As you can imagine I am exhausted, tired and so fed up of being ill... This year 2015 has been a total nightmare. Before this year I had no health concerns and was very independant... I am house and almost bed bound again, and miss my independence and driving my car.

Sorry for the long post :(

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Sounds like a nightmare situation, I do hope you'll soon be able to get help from somewhere.

Hi Happy smiles you were getting on so well then all this happens to you II have my fingers crossed that you soon get some help ♥

So sorry you have had such a bad time ,I do hope things improve

Take Care


Oh dear, you are having it rough, I hope things improve, and you get the help you so desperately need very soon.

Take care,

Christine. X

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yes, you most certainly have had it rough.

may things improve for you and your family, and that you get the help you most certainly need.

kindest regards

jimmy xxx

So sorry to hear about all this. Complete nightmare. What was the outcome of your husband's stay in Stanmore? Was that a help or not?

Keep us posted about it all.

Love and hugs

K xxxx

Stanmore are wonderful... So wonderful that we have asked for out daughter with a spinal problem to be assessed there.

He had a tough week but a positive one, they did a large amount of tests on him and the out come made me cry. He will never be as he was, never. He has a long road of recovery ahead 10-15 years they think minimum with constant physio and intervention... Apparently his body axis is off by 60% so they first attempt to straighten him...all the time working with the pain he has daily. There is no guarantees that he will straighten or improve but there is hope, hope because there is now an army of doctors and physios behind him helping him. It's tough going for him, he will be going back for a 6 week rehab stay where they help him with his daily life and see if they can help or improve things. I am happy he is now finally after 5 years getting help, it's just so daunting the task ahead.... For me watching from the outside that is. Any improvement would be good, but sad for me as I will never have the man I married back, never walk down the street hand in hand, lark about play fighting on the floor.. Those days are gone.

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Good and bad then, but doesn't it make a difference to have doctors and physios who are acknowledging the problem and are committed to helping? Outrageous that it wasn't offered five years ago.

Take care of yourselves.

K xxx

Hopefully you will feel better soon and your mum will be better also .you do deserve help keep on at the ones that can help you they got to do there job eventually xx thoughts of recovery for you take care xx

So sorry to hear you are all having such s tough time and struggling so to get the help you need and deserve. I hope that things improve for you and your family and you do get the support you need.

love cx

Such a rough time for you all right now, I know you try to live up to your name, and it must be so hard. But we are all here for you . take it easy, one day at a time, hope you all feeling better soon.

jan x

Hope you are soon well and back on your feet and able to get the help you need. Joyce.

Oh my goodness,I will never complain again! You poor thing,I do feel for you,thats terrible.I do so hope you get the help thats needed,your family really need priority,don't know the UKs guidelines,but surely there is somewhere you can appeal to?? Someone needs to step up for you.

Keep strong,I know its hard,when I wasn't allowed to drive for a while, I know how I desperately missed it,so I do feel for you,

gentle hugs,

Wen xxx

Thoughts and prayers for you, Happy-smiles, that your situation will improve very soon.

Oh you poor thing! I really feel for you.

I do so feel for you when you are just put on a list and seemingly forgotten about. Just keep on pushing for help and a wheelchair, not in an aggressive way but in a determined way, and maybe something will change for the good.

I do so wish you well and hope that 2016 will be a better year for you. xxxx

Hi Happy,I feel for you.It sounds to me like it is time for you to enlist the help of your local MP.Most people don,t realise that this is what local MPs are for.You can find your MP by googling " member of parliament for ( your postcode ) " If they can,t help phone your local newspaper and get them to kick up a stink.Best of luck.D.


Hope things start to improve for you this week and that your mum improves too.

The worst part of being ill seems to be the frustration of waiting.... waiting for test appointments, waiting for results, waiting for consultants etc. When you have been so independent previously, the lack of control and being able to tick a few chores off the list, becomes almost as unbearable as the illness itself.

Good luck for this week :)

Oh that is so bad. I really don't know what to suggest now other than to contact your MP and ask him to find out what is happening with your cases. You can find their e mail addresses online and e mail them.

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