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Strengthening your morale - from yesterday

Thank you ericwood992 for your post yesterday with the video

of Nick Vujicic who has no arms or legs talking to children in a school. Wonderful. Thank you. Just to let everyone know that there are other videos on YouTube about Nick - just click on the links on the right hand side. He is so positive even with his disabilities. Nick is married with one son another baby on the way. He is a Christian Pastor and travels the world talking to large groups about his faith.

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I posted the above and wrote more but it didn't appear. Thank you for the video - very inspiring. If you click in the video at the top in the black area you will go to YouTube and see other videos about Nick Nujicic. He is now married with one son and another baby on the way. He is a Christian Pastor and has travelled to many countries talking to large groups of people.

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Brilliant, he is inspirational. Thanks for posting. Love Margaret x


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