Has anybody tried "Anoro" yet?

Hi, Computer has been on the "blink" and only just got sorted. In between times I have visited my Practice Nurse for the first time since being diagnosed with COPD. She has put me on a course of broncho-dilators called Anoro. It's a slow-release over 24 hours, so one inhalation in a morning and I am right for the day. And boy, what a difference it has made! I don't know whether it is phsychocomatic and it's all in the mind, but I can walk up to the bathroom without getting short of breath and I can walk to the shops a l-o-t easier. Whilst I can understand that it might not work for everybody, I would welcome anybody's feedback on their experiences with Anoro. One downside that I noticed on the packet is that it contains "umeclidinium bromide"! Should I be worried? Hope every body is fine and dandy and I look forward to hearing from you. Regards-Dave.

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  • I have one called incruise and it is umeclidinium bromide to be honest I have not found mine that beneficial but I expect it works differently on each person

  • Thanks for that, Jeanjt. As I said I don't know whether it's all in my head, but I do feel so much better. The only downside, as far as I can see is, the last time I was given bromide it wasn't for COPD! As you are a lady I won't expand, but that was half the problem! We shall see. TMI?

  • Lol get your point but doubt that it will do the same in inhaler

  • Not heard of this might ask about it if it's good

  • As I say, Marty, it may not be suitable for every body..boy o boy do I feel so much better! Only had 3 doses! Just bothered about the "bromide" aspect, though! We'll see!

  • Probs not enough bromide to make any difference.

  • Hope not. I don't think it will give my wife any sleepless nights!:-(

  • sounds pretty much similar to what my spriva is doing for me. 10 days Ive been on it, inhale capsule each morning, and Im away with enough energy (so long as i pace myself) to get through the day. And no reliever needed.


  • That's what I have Spiriva. I like it too

  • Hi. I have been on Anoro since February. I was on Eklira before which was 2 puffs 2 x daily of the most bitter and gritty powder and I did not enjoy using it. I find the Anoro takes a little longer to take effect post-inhalation whereas the Eklira was fairly instant. However, It is extremely user-friendly and very effective. A big thumbs up from me!

    I hope it continues to work it's magic for you! You're lucky to have a Respiratory nurse to keep an eye on you. My diagnosis is vague so I don't fit into any of the 'boxes' that would prompt routine checks. Luckily for me, my GP is amazing and treats me promptly and aggressively whenever necessary. Best wishes. Clare

  • EE'clare! Thanks for that. It was my first consultation with a practice nurse since my diagnosis. The common consensus on the forum appears to be that COPD is an all-consuming name for a repiratory problem that none of the proffesionals know anything about! My practice nurse has asked me to visit in a months time to discern whether the treatment is working..and I can confidently say..after 3 applications..YES IT IS! The biggest problem, believe it or not, was sneezing! Yes, I know it might sound daft, but with only 30% it was a bit of a problem. NOT ANY MORE! It's amazing. I feel like I have got my life back. Hurrah! Many thanks to you, Clare. Good luck to you, too. Kind regards-Dave

  • Hi, Clare67. The reason I go to see the Practice Nurse is because the Anoro inhaler is set to deliver 30 doses. And, of course, it is my first experience of using an inhaler, so they need to monitor the situation, initially. They do seem to be "on the ball" here in Blackpool. Can't thank the GP and surgery enough for their prompt attention. Best wishes to you, too, Clare in your ongoing journey. Regards-Dave.

  • I used Anoro for a few months but after initially feeling better with I gradually deteriorated. Resp. nurse quickly spotted the problem and now I use both Relvar and Incruse, both from same manufacturer as Anora, but different ingredients.

    I needed more broncho-dilators it seemed.

    Hope Anoro works out OK for you.

  • Thanks, Stree. Yea, I was diagnosed with COPD in July and have just started treatment last Tuesday. I have never had inhalers before this. Is this why I feel so good, I wonder? Anyway thanks for the advice. Hope you keep well.


  • Dave,

    Thing with COPD is that is not an exact science like say a broken leg......The inhaler most probably will be doing you some good, and more than just a placebo.

    It sounds a good start towards providing relief from the symptoms, and that is often the best we can hope for. Your persecription may change later as the nurse/Doctor become more familiar with your specific case.

    Perhaps keep a diary, so you can get a sense of how good is a good day and how poor a poor one and so on, one thing that always catches me out is the gradual decline in well being and breathing as an infection begins to take hold. A week on a rescue pack sorts it out but often I realise with hindsight that I could or should have started it sooner. A diary may be helpful for self monitoring.

  • Yes...I am also taking Anoro. It must be fairly new although I see it advertised on television a lot. It does seem to help a little depending on the condition of my lungs.

    Good luck!

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