Breathing Test plus Skin Allergy Test

Hi it's me again....the bronchiectasis and COPD lady. Was wondering if any of you bronchiectasis/COPD folk out there have ever been given an appointment for a 'Skin Allergy Test'? I asked the respiratory consultant that I had seen last week to have another lung function test and a letter came in the post this morning inviting me for that and also a 'Skin Allergy Test'. I think this must be some test for dust or pollen allergic reactions by putting something on the skin perhaps? Why would someone with bronchiectasis and COPD be given this test? Anyway, rather than bothering the respiratory secretary twice in one week I thought I would first of all place the question on here to see if anyone has had this test done before.

Thanks so much. xxx

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  • No I haven't ,but I wish I could have the test been told they only test children in my area

    Just recently I am according too my community matron wheezing a lot ,I seem to becoming allergic to a lot of things just lately So grab the chance

    Take are


  • Hi Dorothy sorry you couldn't be tested. Maybe you could ask again about being tested outside of your area? I am not sure now I want to find out something I may not want to hear, but at least it is being done. I have to be grateful. xxxx

  • No , i cant say ive had that stillmovin, but seems a good idea for all.


  • Hi there jimmy. I have since checked out the internet and notice that this test is done on people with copd and bronchiectasis or other respiratory conditions to see if they have a condition called ABPA. That is to do with aspergillos I think. I can see why the test is being done now. I hope I haven't got that too, on top of everything else. xxx

  • thanks still movin,to my own knowledge i haven't had that test, but would most certainly like to have it.

    i know [or think] aspergillosis can stick in the lungs, caused by allergies, moulds, spores etc. many farmers got this from damp straw. But i think folks with lung probs. should all be tested.

    thanks again still movin.


  • I agree jimmy. I just don't know what they follow it all up with if you are found to be allergic to dust, spore etc. There must be further tests...?xxxx

  • Yes I had some done quite a few years ago, I was found to be allergic to house dust and a couple of other things but can't remember what they were, I was o.k. with dogs and cats.

    They did them one by one down the inside of my arm it didn't hurt in the least.

    It would be interesting to see how you get on.

    take care

    poll xx

  • Hi polly did you have copd or bronchiectasis or another respiratory illness at the time you had the skin allergy test? I have just looked it up and they do this test to see if you have ABPA apparently. xxx

  • Emphysema and bronchiectasis

    take care


  • OK polly. Thanks for letting me know. What happened as a result of the allergy test? Were you tested for aspergillosis? Sorry about all the questions! xxx

  • Not sure it was a long time ago they were not forthcoming with information in those days, I remember it was just before I was doing some testing of a new drug but I had to pull out because it didn't suit me.

    take care

    polly xx

  • I had the skin prick allergy test some years ago, and the blood test for aspergillosis....I was diagnosed with only asthma at the time not COPD as well.

    My daughter had the test done last year, she is asthmatic and has eczema too.

  • Thanks knitter. I will not have the test until late October but I will let you all know how it goes. xxx

  • I'd like to as I need to my allergy is every breathing is awful 24/7

  • yes colours23 I think we should have as many tests as possible. I am worried about this dust/spore/mould allergy thing as I have been coughing a few years now in my home and it seems to have a lot of dust whatever I do! I know it is quite serious if that gets to your lungs. xxxx

  • Hi stillmovin, ive been reading the thread with interest, like the past posters my breathing is awful, i think they can tell, by tests, as you say, if your allergic to certain things i,e cats dogs birds etc, i,e "bird fanciers lung". off course the answer to that would be avoid what your allergic to, but as far as aspergillosis is concerned, i'm not quite sure, but i agree we all should have as many test as possible, as with copd, it is really an umbrella term used by docs. for many lung conditions, if we could at least rule out one thing,[whether it be dust, hairs , pet dander etc.] it would at least be slightly helpful, itll be interesting to see how you get on, i ,look forward to hearing of your results in october

    [in reading what i've printed :) i don't think i've explained myself very well, i'm very tired tonight ]

    but good luck still movin take care


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