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What type carrier do you use for 02?

I am currently using an M6 tank and getting ready to get a new system (POC). My question is as an experienced 02 user, would you recommended a unit you carry or push? I am finding carrying the M6 tank around is kind of a pain and gets heavy. I use an E tank at home that I push but not sure how convenient it will be outside. I am prescribed for exertion but finding myself using it a lot being once I get up my level drops. So think I will have to get something large enough to handle 2-3 lpm and last 4-6 hours. Any help or suggestions you have would be appreciated.


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I struggled carrying the normal size cylinders and used the extra small ones (sorry, can't remember the classifications). This also became difficult in time and now I have a portable oxygen concentrator to use when I go out. It goes up to 6lpm and is supplied by my oxygen company. I find it very much easier, I just wheel it along in front of me, though I know others who pull along behind. The length of time it lasts will depend on the level used. 6 lpm means it can be used for about 2.5 hours between charges so it would probably last the required time for you on the lower setting.


My husband uses a POC, it comes with a trolly as Toci says. He is on 4lm, there are two different size batteries, we have just been away for a few days and he had no problems and he had the POC on for 3 or 4 hours without charging. Hope this helps.


i have portable cylinders in back packs,[same as the one dal has ] just got a new one yesterday, but my spine is fused [due to ank spond ] luckily in the upright position, but can be painful carrying the bag at times [most times ]

My occupational therapist got me a walker, i can either push it with the portable oxygen on it, or have a seat on it .

a very handy thing, can fold up to put in a car.

i have the concentrator in the house, with a 15mtr lead.



I'm supplied by BOC. The small ones are ZA which are just over a foot like long so they don't weigh too much for me so I carry them on my back like a rucksack. I'm only on half ltr/min but up it to 1or 2 when I'm more active. I use the larger ones ( CD ) in the car mainly but have a trolley I can use if I'm working on the car or nipping out to the back garden.


I have backpacks for my Freedom400 tanks but they are a bit heavy. A friend gave me a "granny" shopping trolley and that's done the trick. One down side is I don't have two spare hands!


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