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Xolair jabs

Hi all I told you last week i was starting on jabs to help with my breathless,well went this morning g and had 3 injections all the same time it is called xolair which someone on here had mentioned they thought it was.I had the usual spirometre tests so they can compare in 4 weeks time,I haven't had any reactions so far you stay in the hospital for a couple of hours after you jabs just in case you have a reaction so fingers crossed that this works apparently it can take a few weeks to be able to feel a improvement sometimes longer so I have everything crossed,I will keep you all up to date on everything good or bad

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Hi Marian,

I have been on 4 Xolair jabs every 4 weeks for 2 and a half years now.

Since I have been on it I have stopped having nebulisers (4 a day) I stopped taking Uniphyllin tablets, I had a couple of exacerbations after I started but they were not as bad as previous ones, I wasn't hospitalised, just prednisolone & antibiotics.

My peak flows and spirometry have gone up to good levels.

I have not had any bad exacerbations or days off work for the last 18 months.

I hope you get the same results, you normally have to wait at the hospital for 2 hours after your 1st dose of Xolair, after that you normally have to wait about 20 minutes just to check there is no reactions.

I have had no reactions with my other meds for blood pressure and acid reflux


Thank you for your post it's nice to see it has given good results so fingers crossed when did you first notice a improvement in your breathing


Sorry talk about memory what are the jabs for


Hi they are to help control asthma I have copd and asthma and it's not under control and I find it very hard to breathe


Hya I've recently started these had my fourth one Wednesday. I've been sick after the last couple and feeling generally unwell so this time they gave me anti sickness tablets and been better. I've not seen a great improvement In my chest bit didn't get any hay fever. Hope your ok after yours x


Hi sorry you've had a rough time of it I only started yesterday so far no negatives yet have you done your 16 weeks overall do you think it has helped you x


Got another one in the 30 sept then consultant will decide after that if they're fir me. I've had a decrease in coughing but not really seen any difference in chest. I had a dreadful chest infection within a week if the last one. X


Hope you get good results.


Thank you will let you know.


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