Not my week

First the TV packed up, then the fridge part of the fridge freezer and then I had a car accident. Just heard car is a right off and they will be collecting courtesy car shortly and I have to collect belongings from car within 48 hours! Live in a village with twice daily bus service and loads of hospital appointments coming up. Son is away for 3 weeks and he sources my big purchases and village shop is too far away to walk too. Thank goodness for Internet! Breathed in loads is dust from airbag, badly bruised chest. Really feel like giving up now.

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  • Hi Snodgrass, so sorry to hear about your car, life does send us some rubbish to deal with doesn't it.

    I know you love your new TV, did you get your new fridge yet.

    I do know how you feel, do you remember my post last week where I was so fed up I did not know what to do, you supported me so I am here now to return the favour, there are always ways around things.

    Perhaps you could get a taxi to go and empty your car

    Could you ring your village shop and explain the situation maybe they would deliver some provisions for you.

    Do you have a friend who perhaps would collect some shopping for you, I know that people who live in villages are usually very supportive of each other.

    I do hope you will be able to get another car very soon.

    Take care, do not despair, hope you bumps and bruises are healing now.

    polly xx

  • Bless you Polly. Have spoken to shop and they will help. Am waiting for garage to phone back as they are supposed to pick up courtesy car so it makes sense if I drive it down and get taxi back. As soon as my son gets back from the Phillipines he will sort it out, my younger son is hopeless with cars if he choose it it would only have 3 wheels. Older son is never away for more than 10 days except now.

    Thank you.


  • HI Snodgrass,

    Its horrible when everything happens at once like this, but at least you are okay apart from bumps and bruises, as it could have been so much worse, especially as your car is a right off.

    I am sorry all these things have happened to you, but it can only get better now so don't give into despair.

    Polly has made some good suggestions about getting the stuff out of your car, and also finding out if the shop will deliver things for you, or someone could maybe do it. I live in a small village too, but have a good bus service into town, although I have to use taxi's now, so that's another option for you.

    Hope things get better soon.

    take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Thank you I have asked some neighbours for help but I am so used to being independent it is difficult! Just seems the timing is bad, particularly as am due to start a new rehab course! Still when my son gets back he can sort me out another car and I can get back to normal, or as normal as I can get!


  • I know how you feel Sandra, as I live on my own, and am always getting told off for being too independent. I have come to realise lately though, that I have to start accepting more help, but as you say it doesn't come easy and I have been putting it off for ages now. The timing is bad for you just now, but I am sure you will muddle through somehow, with some help, until your son gets back! I am glad you weren't badly hurt in the accident, but you must have got a terrible fright.

    take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • The noise when the air bags went off was terrifying! Hugs for hugs.

  • Hi snodgrass, was it your insurance company who said your courtesy car has to go back...some have then on loan for a longer time.

    Is there a voluntary driver scheme operating in your area, they could give you a lift to hospital or the shops, you usually have to book in advance and they can be cheaper than taxis

    The WVS may be able to help you too.

    I know it can be difficult to ask for help when you are used to being independent, and you will still be shocked and sore from the accident.

    Take care and I hope your son has a good holiday

  • Thank you so much for your advice, Insurance company said car had to go straight back, garage have let me keep it until tomorrow. Apparently we have a good neighbour scheme so am getting in touch with them. Lads in corner shop say just phone up and order and they will bring round! Can't believe price of taxis. Unfortunately son isn't on holiday, he is working so I can't even pressure him to come home early!


  • sorry to hear of all your troubles they say things come in threes , think the main thing is you didn't get badly hurt cars can be replaced but you cant good luck with the insurance and bit of advice when they ring and give you an offer for it don't except first offer they normal will offer more ,unless they give a big offer in first place I had one righten off after 6 days of buying it they gave me double what I had just paid for it think it was a mistake but I took it and ran lol you take care good luck

  • Aren't you the lucky one! They sent me an email so I checked Glass Guide and a couple of others and in fact the offer is very good, it did have low mileage but am still surprised! Main problem is all the fine dust I inhaled from airbags plus I keep finding more bruises in the strangest places. Thank you for your advice. Sandra

  • your welcome good luck

  • You're still here, which has to be a plus, and everything else will come right eventually. :)

  • Thank you, just seemed to be an expensive time- good thing I had given up smoking though as the savings since last October will pay for most of it! Sandra

  • :)

  • "OUCH" Not your week Snodgrass, think I would stay in a few days till my luck changed.

  • Would stay in bed but no one willing to provide catering services! Sandra

  • Sorry to hear what a terrible time you are having. But at least (apart from bruising etc) you are ok and that is the most important thing. Cars can be replaced but people can't be. Take care xx

  • Thank you, I am amazed how kind and helpful are on here and in my village but it is hard to ask for help! Sandra

  • Oh!, Snodgrass, I just happened to take time out and read some of the posts. Sooo sorry to read about your : Bad Week : you really did have everything thrown at you, I say what dosn,t break you makes you stronger, in Scotland we just sit down and have a dram...... it works wonders.... God Bless.. 😘 😇

  • Thank you. Sandra

  • They say bad things come in threes so you've had your ration, now let's hope three good things come along just as quickly. I hope you'll feel better soon.

  • Thought 3 was enough but have had cystitis type symptoms since middle of June, had various tests all negative so heard today should go back in 3 months! I am in real pain all the time so now trying every known herb, old cure to soothe urinary known to Google. Hey ho plod on. Thank you for your good wishes. Sandra

  • Oh you're definitely getting more than your fair share of misfortune, hope you find something

  • ...sorry, I was about to say - "something to relief the symptoms", when I sneezed and accidentally replied.😄

  • They say things come in threes....or fours........or fives....... Glad you ok from car accident, that is the most important thing. Things will settle down again, and hopefully you can look back and smile. :-) take care. x

  • Thank you. Mind you 4 has arrived! Have been suffering from cystitis type symptoms since mid June, had innumerable courses of antibiotics and the only one that works makes you breathless not good news for those with copd. Got a letter today to say tests have proved negative, go back in 3 months, and today it is worse than ever. Am about to try baking powder, herbs anything I can swallow.


  • Hi again snodgrass, my daughter had the infection but a very twitchy bladder....she tried bicarbonate of soda in water, not baking powder though..

    I guess you already tried the cranberry juice. She found coffee and alcohol made it worse . Take care and I hope you get it sorted.

  • Knitter I tried bicarbonate instead of baking powder and it seems to be making a difference! Am drinking even more water, given up on alcohol and using a warm hop bag on tum, not sure what is helping most but will take anything I can get in way of gain. Mind you I do miss the occasional glass or three!

  • Just one more hill to climb...., they're all over the place; I know...., I've got a couple in front of me right now...!!!

    Carry on....

  • Oh dear,you have been in the wars! But happy you're still here to tell the story!

    Do hope things turn around for you now xx

  • Sorry to hear of your troubles Snodgrass, hope things are improving now. I have had one of those weeks too but it seems to be levelling out now. As they say things can only get better, cautious me says maybe. Hope you have a better weekend. :)

  • Well that's your 3 things to go wrong so you will be OK now. Hope you feel better but just think you could have been very badly injured and you are not so (I know it is not how you feel) try and think that you were fortunate. Hope all gets sorted soon and when your son gets back he will help out. If you live in a village swallow your pride and ask neighbours for help. People really feel quite flattered to help someone but I know we don't like to be 'needy'. Good luck and in a few weeks this will all be behind you. Nice cup of tea and cream cake needed I think. Take care.

  • Thank you, I could have been badly hurt but just bruises so I was lucky. Just adapting to life without a car for a couple of weeks, might go and hire one if I can find a cheapish offer! Sandra

  • I have weeks like that. Hope you have a good week this week to make up for it.



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