Buckingham palace

Went yesterday wished I'd of had vashti with me she could of told you how magnificent it was I'm not very good with words .I can only say it was Amazing so much to see the only disappointment only 3 horses on show (it's not a zoo) we saw all the stables ,tack room and all the carriages before we entered the palace if you like chandeliers you would be in your element (I kept thinking of only fools and horses) we had a great day recommend it

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  • sounds like you had a lovely day I have never been to the palace don't like London much , I live not far from the queens little holiday home sandringham well its little compared to her other homes .

  • Great that you had a brilliant time at the palace xx

  • But you've been...I've been to Sandringham...( thought it a bit scruffy actually and I stole a baby from a Spider Plant...lol) only seen Buck House from the outside. You had a good day out...xxx

  • Did you not see any of the monkies that live there.The ones that cost us all so much that do so little,the posh scroungers.Time they were sanctioned.

  • I agree but I dont mind the queen too much, at least shes done her job as head of state and kept her views to herself, and so she should. "Royalty" is such a daft concept though in this day and age. Same with House of Lords. Robin

  • Yes it,s difficult to not like Elizabeth as she works very hard for her millions.As for the house of cronies,they,re just a sick joke and a very expensive one at that! D.

  • Great. I must organize a trip there.

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