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Breathing Trouble Abdominal Pain

Or simply put my guts gizzards feel like Sheee ... Feels like something squashing my lungs thus can't breath proper.

Anyway quick update : was put on IBS pills and was going ok till they paralysed my breathing mussels .. finished my curse of vitamin D am glad of as to end of curse I was feeling I'll again.

My low Igm well still waiting to hear about cure for that but in mean time am going for contrast ct scan of thorax abdomen pelvis o and a colonoscopy am just thrilled about

My docs and me do think this issues with bits being scanned more than my lungs this time If this anything positive about that a think it must be my lungs not playing up

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Hope your feeling better soon. David1968

Yes, D3nis: hope they soon sort out the right diagnosis so that you can get some treatment that will work and help you feel better.

Fingers crossed for you xxx

I'm pleased they are testing further. Get well soon. x

I have found countless people that have acquired bowel problems after giving up a lifetime of smoking(including myself!) I gave up in 1992 and by 1996 I was diagnosed with UC. I was once told by a medical person that, there is some kind of lining formed in the gut when you smoke and after many years, if it's stripped away, can leave your gut vulnerable to all kind of nasties? I have no idea how true that is, but it's worth a thought. XX

Hope you get sorted, bad enough with lungs we don't need anything other nasty stuff

Best wishes Sally, x

IBS is not nice my daughter has had it for years I hope you get things sorted soon

Hi Dennis, sorry you arre unwell but great you are having tests done. I hope you get it sorted. Love Margaret x

Hope they sort you out properly this time. I recently had a colonoscopy and was petrified but the sedative they give you means I don't remember a thing about it, if that is any help.

Fingers crossed, they get to the bottom of your ongoing problems. It wouldn't be before time, you've been fobbed off enough. Good luck.xx

Hi Denis,well the colonoscopy should get to the bottom of things lol.Sorry I had many of those years ago,not painful but quite embarrassing.Good luck mate!D.

Ps.Had eye test today and got date for cataract surgery 2nd November,woopdedoo be able to see again,at last.D.

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