Salt Therapy Treatment For COPD

Does anyone know anything about salt med therapy spas? One of them opened a few months ago near my house. I have bronchiectasis and have been going there to see if it will help my condition and I think it's been helping but am not sure if I really need it or could just gargle more often with salt water (it's expensive at $18.00 for 45 minutes and that's with a half price coupon). My doctors don't know anything about this treatment because it is relatively new in the USA, but other people I know say it's helping them. I heard it's more commonly used in Europe. Would appreciate some feedback.

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I think you would get the same results if you purchased a Nebuliser ($150 in Australia) and 0.09% saline solution ampules and used it once a day to assist to clear mucus.

Or a salt pipe..?

Sorry hopeup, I have never seen a salt pipe.

Hi Gerald -

Take a look at them on Amazon. A cisco saltpipe is what i have its quite agreeable. Said to last five years .Not bad for about 18 euros (12 pounds ?)

I think it would be worth a try, but so far, mucinex has been helping me enough so that I'll wait a bit before trying the salt pipe. My doctor didn't recommend anything but gargling with salt water and doesn't have much to say about the pipe.

I agree with Gerald, a nebuliser and saline solution would probably be better. Here in England you have to be assessed before using the saline as different strengths are prescribed for different patients. Also, I got my nebuliser for free from the hospital, it's a very compact little thing. I hope this helps and wish you well. x

Thank-you Joy

Hi, I have had bronchiectasis for 63 years and so think that I have been around the block many times in relation to drugs,diet, supplements, and alternative therapies. If any of it actually made a huge difference, somebody would be very rich and we would all be well. However, having said that, I find nebulising saline (0.9% for bronchs) helps loosen the secretions. Also, a registrar who went on to be a respected CF consultant told me years ago that saline is very effective against pseudonomas but that it is so cheap that no proper reseach has been funded to confirm it. Drug companies preferring to pay to test expensive drugs. There is some evidence that people who live or go to stay in the region of Spain where there are salt mining caves have very little lung infection problems or find an improvement in their condition. We have a few artificial salt caves in this country. They are expensive and quite far from me and there does not seem to be an overwhelming positive result from using them. Salt pipes are easy to obtain but reviews don't appear to justify the price. Also, with inhalors and nebulised antibiotics I am reluctant to irritate my lungs more than necessary. Having said all of that, everybody with bronchiectasis is very different, withdifferent toleration and reaction levels to treatments. If it helps you, go for it. I would very much like to know how youget on..

The price of a saltpipe ?!?

At around 12 pounds for five years?

As I said, if something works for you use it. I think that you misinterpreted my statement on salt pipes. I have not found good reviews for use in bronchiectasis. so for me, that would notjustify the price. I paid aconsiderable amount for an aerosure medic. This is extremely useful to me and therefore justifies, for me,what I paid for it. I was trying to be helpful to this person who has the same condition as me. Your reply was sharp.

And i was trying to help Gerald for what it was worth.

Thanks for the info. I agree that my inhaler tends to irritate my lungs. I've only been on it for two months now, but I'm trying to figure out some alternatives to the one I'm on, and perhaps should lower the dosage (Spiriva respimat) from two to one puff every 24 hours.

I would suggest the nebuliser with saline solution is the far cheaper option and give the same if not better results.D.

Thanks. Will try the nebulizer.

I use a nebuliser with saline, but I'm definitely going to get the salt pipe too. My nebuliser is in the bedroom, so I miss what's on TV when I go up to do it. I will still do that daily, but use the pipe earlier in the day while I'm still downstairs. I assume you can use both alongside each other at different times of day?

I have been using a Himalayan Salt Inhaler for a couple of months now and about a week or so ago, I started noticing that my breathing is doing better. I actually went out and played 18 holes of golf. It comes in an inhaler which I bought through a magazine and it was not expensive at all and lasts a very long time. The one I have is made by Relaxus Products from Canada and you can find it at Hope that helps!

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