Watch out!

Watch out!

A burglar breaks into a house and is just about to take the DVD player when a voice in the darkness says "Jesus is watching you!"

Clearly unnerved the burglar stops and listens for a minute- hears nothing, puts it down to his imagination and starts again to pick up the DVD player.

"Jesus is still watching you" said the voice again.

Now completely shaken the burglar turns on his torch and shines it around the dark room.

He suddenly sees a cage with a parrot in. "Did you say that?" asks the burglar.

"I did, replied the parrot, But I'm only trying to warn you!"

"You're trying to warn me, laughed the burglar...Who do you think you are, to warn me??"

"My name's Moses", replied the parrot.

"Moses! Said the burglar, what kind of people call their parrot Moses?"

The parrot squawked and said.........."The kind of people that call their Rottweiler Jesus!"

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  • Lol. Good one Nikkers xx

  • HaHA,thats a goodie! xx

  • Ace.

  • Brilliant love it.😃

  • I could have done with the parrot and Rottweiler when burglars broke into my late mother's bungalow!

    The joke made me laugh though....thanks ...that's cheered me up a bit.

  • Nikkers first time I've laughed in a while, great joke, think your filling in for Fred :<)))

    Love Etch45 xxx

  • Love it!! That really gave me something to smile about.



  • He he...okay so I smiled a bit today😏

  • That is hilarious Nikkrers, good one. lol lol

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • That's put a smile on my face, :-) x

  • Nikkers. What happened to the burglar?

  • Brilliant xx

  • Laughed at that...made me

  • Oops! Sorry Vashti. XX

  • Brilliant x

  • :D :D ha ha, good one niks

    jimmy xxx :)

  • Glad to see you still laughing Jimmy. I hope you're keeping warm and well? Take care. XX

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