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Breathe Easy Quilt

Did anyone participate on the Breathe Easy Quilt, early 90's? My mum had breathing difficulties in the last few months before lymph cancer took her. I'd just started cross-stitch and one of the magazines had a post re the quilt. You sent off for a pack containing a blue square of fabric, a wish from a member of the British Lung Foundation and the details of how to send it back. The wish I received, was from a grandma who wished she could climb the stairs to see her granddaughter's room.

With white thread, I drew then cross-stitched, stairs and a room and its contents.

I never got to see the whole thing, though a small section was published in my cross-stitch magazine. No internet back then, perhaps I should google it now. Let you know if find anything. πŸ˜€

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The quilt was on display in the BLF head Office - I'll see if I can get a picture of it and post it on here.




I remember the quilt and I remember seeing quite a lot of the squares. I have vague memories of seeing the quilt displayed somewhere. I was attending the General Hospital in Birmingham then and my friend was BLF representative there before they centralised it all. May be there was some event. Oh my ageing brain! Well done you for sewing a square. There were some very poignant and moving ones and it would be lovely to know where the quilt is now.

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I've managed to find a photograph of the quilt that was on display in the London Office. I believe there were 4 or 5 quilts. I've tried to add the photo to this post but for some reason it won't work. If you message me your email address I'll send it over to you.



Can only add a picture if your the thread starter. Will only allow us one pic per thread.


Ah, catching up on the cans and can'ts. Thanks for the info.


Thanks Mark, for photos. Found my square. Can only presume I ran out of time πŸ˜• I've only put in the stair and flowers at the top.

Memory fair plays tricks. So sure I remembered doing more. Found crumpled pencil sketch for it.


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